10 common superstitions you blindly follow without knowing the scientific reasons behind it

India is a country of rituals and with these rituals, superstitions come along. All of us have our good and bad days but have you ever had a bad day because a black cat crossed your way or had an encounter with a ghost because of sleeping with your head towards North?

These superstitions have been going on since ancient times. While most of these seem logic-less and odd, many of these have a scientific or logical explanation. Let’s read about 10 of such superstitions:

Say no to “BURI NAZAR” with the deadly pair of “NIMBU AND MIRCHIS”!

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The “nimbu mirchi totka” is the most popular one within the Indians. One lemon and more than 5 green chillies are stringed together with a cotton thread and placed outside your shop, home and vehicles to save you and your assets from the evil eye.

Logic: It is a simple pesticide that works on the fact that fresh lemon and chillies have Vitamin C and other nutrients and the cotton thread that is used to pierce them can easily absorb these nutrients and then with slow vaporisation it spreads these nutrients in the air. Its smell prevents the pests and insects to enter the shops or houses.

The cute & little “BLACK CATS” are here to wish us a “VERY BAD DAY”!

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We should stop if a black cat and for some people, any cat crosses our way as it is a bad omen. Some people also believe that you can continue walking by spitting at the side of the road as it will cancel the bad omen. This superstition is believed to be originated from Europe and followed in India as here black colour is associated with God Shani and the evil eye.

Logic: This started in ancient times when some of the travellers shared their encounters with the wild cats of the forest that includes tigers, leopards, panthers and jaguars. These animals used to scare the carriage animals at night because of their glowing eyes and thus making it difficult for them to move forward.

You must actually stop if you see a wild cat but house cats are just fine.

Want to invite a ghost to your next party? Just “SLEEP WITH YOUR HEAD TOWARDS NORTH”!!

It is believed that you should not sleep with your head towards the north as it will invite ghosts that will result in your death.

Logic: According to science, we should not sleep with our head towards north direction because our body also has a magnetic field and when we sleep with our head in the north direction then our body’s magnetic field becomes completely asymmetric to the Earth’s huge magnetic field. This can cause some health issues and our heart has to put an extra effort to get rid of this asymmetric magnetic field.

Are you ready to go out? Not without a spoon full of “CURD AND SUGAR”!!

This is the one that we all would have experienced in our lives, mostly on exam days. Your mother will give you a spoon full of curd and sugar and then only good luck will come to your way.

Logic: It is very good for hot summer days as curd will have a cooling effect in your stomach and sugar will give you instant glucose thus making you ready to fight the sun. It is advised to eat more than a spoon if you experiencing hot Indian summers right now!

Say no to “TULSI” and yes to “LAKSHMI”!!

It is believed that chewing Tulsi leaves can upset Goddess Lakshmi resulting in bad money fortune in your lives.

Logic: On chewing Tulsi, a high amount of mercury and iron are released which can damage your teeth and cause discolouration. Tulsi leaves are also slightly acidic in nature and may cause the tooth enamel as the environment of mouth is alkaline.

Want GOOD LUCK? Throw your “COINS in HOLY RIVERS”!!

This one is followed not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. People throw coins in the rivers and in return they get good luck or whatever they wished for.

Logic: This practice started in ancient times as the coins were made up of copper and it is scientifically proven that copper has antibacterial properties and can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. These coins used to settle at the base of the river or fountain and purify the water that was consumed by the people living there. But today neither the coins are of copper nor we drink directly from the river, so saving them instead of throwing them in water will be a wise choice to make.

LIZARDS: Scary regular visitors that causes “MISFORTUNE”!!

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According to the Gouli Shastra in India, every movement of a lizard has some significance. Its colours, stripes, sounds and where it falls on a human body can indicate future happenings. Most of the people associate lizard falling with a bad omen that can cause bad luck.

Logic: Lizards releases poison on their bodies to save themselves from their enemies, and can cause contamination and eventually diseases if come in contact with the human body or food. You should immediately wash the part that came in contact with the lizard.

“ECLIPSE DAY” means a no food, no sleep, no looking out the day!!

Indians believe not to go out or eat anything during an eclipse. It is said to be prohibited especially for a pregnant lady. Some of them also believe that sleeping is also not good during this time.

Logic: Fist and the most common reason behind this was that there were no glasses in the ancient times and thus people used to look with the naked eyes at the eclipse which could damage your eyes. Also, the UV radiation reaching us increases during an eclipse. There is no proven negative effect of eating during an eclipse.

“BREAKING A MIRROR OR GLASS” causes 7 Years of misfortune!!

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It is believed that breaking glass is considered to be a bad omen. This popular superstition has its roots in Rome. You should read ahead before replacing all of your glass utensils and giving away your mirrors.

Logic: During old times mirrors were very expensive and fragile, thus to avoid negligence this superstition was built. The concept of 7 years came from Rome as according to ancient Romans it took 7 years for life to renew itself. You should be careful around glasses as they may harm when broken, not by serving you with misfortune but by giving you a scar.


Sweeping after sunset is not appreciated by Indians and is linked to poverty. According to many it will upset Goddess Lakshmi and will cause poverty and unhappiness.

Logic: The real reason behind this is that there was no electricity in the old times, anything precious on the floor would be swept away with the dust. So, it was not recommended to sleep at night which later turned into this superstition.

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