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The millennials and the Gen Z rely on many various sources of information other than regular newspapers and magazines. Their major source of content consumption is from social media, more specifically memes. The term memes was invented by Richard Dawkins to explain the way cultural information spreads. So the meme about how over rated Starbucks is or how you don’t have anything to wear contrary to your cupboard full of clothes, is an example of how culture is developing around us and how it influences our daily life.

Nowadays sharing of memes is seen as a focal point for building relationships. It is a test of friendship and love. This happens because, memes are a form of content that people relate immensely to. Memes show people the reality, boldly, and ask them to laugh on it and relax, because its not the end of the world. Lets take a roundabout of the best meme page to follow on Instagram, to make you happy, after the pile of files your boss has thrown at you, lets laugh at our misery together.

Here are the 10 most interesting meme pages to follow on Instagram. If you don’t follow them, throw the rock you have been living under and hit the follow button. At the end of the day, laughter makes it all better.


With a motto of making memes, not wars, allindiamemeinsta is one of the most loved content page on social media. This page is open and has a hilarious content of pop memes. You will find a meme for any dialogues or photographs that went viral with a pinch of salt. A perfect page for being updated on pop world and being flamboyant about it among friends.


With a groping 101k followers, viralindian is one of the most followed Indian meme page. Though this page is private, but its worth your request, within a minute you are introduced to a world filled with reality that hit you hard, but it’s a shared feeling that urges you to send it to your groups and laugh together.


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Girls! unite. With a follower count of 13.9 million and growing, sarcasm_only is a meme page to relish our feminity and laugh about the hardships of being a girl. If you are a girl with group of your favourite ‘bitches’, there is no other page that will relate more to you.


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I swear 😂

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Sometimes numbers speak for themselves. Pubity has over 15 million followers and its an internationally loved meme page. It brings funny content from all over the world about culture and lifestyle, just a request and you are into the world of sarcasm that you cannot unseen.


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#thedesistuff – @bhand.engineer

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If being Indian had a feeling, it would be this page. Thedesistuff collect the most ‘desi’ memes on internet and serve it to you on a single platform. Unleash the desiness within you and go follow this page.


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can confirm this is 100% true

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If you are a fan of pj’s, this is your place. Keep your left part of brain aside and laugh at the silliest things in life. Memezar helps you with exact that.


If you are not following this page, you are missing out on lot of content for sure. One of the best original meme content page in context with Indian cultural, political and economic system, is beingind. With 454k and growing it sure is most loved Indian meme page.


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It’s a no from me dawg @mybestiesays

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You think your life sucks? You need a therapist? You are not the only one. There are 5 million people out there getting help from this page to deal with the most social problems of our lives. Healing technique: just meme it.


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Me escaping from extroverts⠀ By @miss_poppet_the_samoyed⠀ -⠀ #samoyed #fren #extrovert #9gag

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With sarcastic and extremely relatable content, 9gag, also post the most adorable videos on the internet. They are the ones behind the creation of best memes and international meme symbols. You might not believe me when in say, it’s the best meme page out there, but I hope you do believe the 50 million people that follow this page.


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Arre meri wish gir gayi

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Apart from being a brand associate at Zomato, owner of minimal Bollywood posters and tweetard, Akshar Pathak has dedicated his Instagram account to pointing out the hysterical details of our lives and is possibly the funniest man on Instagram today. Check him out and share the most relatable Indian memes on the gram today.

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