10 online websites to stream movies without signing up

With so many OTT platforms coming up, it’s hard to choose which one to get a subscription for. Which one has better shows and movies is hard to find out. Well, this could be the solution. Below are the 10 best sites online to watch newly released movies and series. And the best part is, you don’t need to sign up for streaming the movies. Just go on their site, select the movie and start streaming.

These have a larger library than your paid OTT platforms for sure.

B movies/ C movies

All these three are alternatives for each other. If one does not work or crashes there is a guarantee that the other one will. Think of it as a backup.
B movies offer 13 countries movies and offer varied options to select from. Like genre, language, release dates, most watches, etc. B movies were earlier known as F movies, which most of you would know.
C movies is very similar to F movies but it has media links from all the other websites too. So, it becomes easy to source other websites which stream free movies.


A lot of people like using this website more. The reason is that its layout is clean and very user-friendly. Also, there are no ads and redirecting to other windows which is a big problem with sites like B movies.


Look movie is the best site to visit if you like to watch your movies in high definition. If you love Netflix but cannot pay for it, it is the best free Netflix alternative in which you do not even need to sign up. The best part about this site is that they keep adding new released movies and tv series to give the best experience to the users.


This particular site is for the people who love Bollywood. Have your grandparents asked you to show them the movies you are watching? Well lucky for them, this site has most of the best Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language.

Yes movies

This site is well organized. They show the information about the movies, IMBD ratings. They have a lot of classic Hollywood and Bollywood movies. If you are looking for tadifferent genre than this is not the site for you.


This website only features only high-quality definition movies. But this website has very limited movies. This is an add free website but has pop up ads keep on showing once in a while. They have movies from 2004 – 2019.


Putlocker 2 is the friendly based website which shows the movie in a sophisticated manner.  The best thing about Putlocker is that if one of their site/ domain crashes, they always have another one up and ready for you.  If you are the kind looking for the newest movies and are not bothered by the quality of it, this is the best site you can go to.


Here, you get three servers. If one does not work, there are two other options. It allows you to stream your favourite movies in HD for free including new releases. Just browse by category or search by keywords and start watching full movies online.
The best part is you only get HD movies on here. No camera prints whatsoever. It also contains a few ads, but if you won’t click on them, it won’t bother you.


Are you one of those who are interested in Asian movies? If so, this site is for you. They have all the newly released movies and tv shows which have English subtitles. They stream Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese also few Indian movies. This site lets you stream for free and also gives you an option to download.


To all the anime lovers out there, this site is for you. You can watch the newest and latest episodes of your favourite anime with English subtitles. 9anime is the best site to find any kind of anime that you like. The only problem is pop up ads and it sometimes redirects you to the other window.

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