15 LGBTQ+ movies on Netflix to binge on

Pride month is here and to celebrate it there are events held during this month. But if you are tired going around, sit back on your couch and relax. We have the perfect movie list to celebrate freedom, love and equality with some drama and comedy to binge on. These movies do not just represent watershed moments for the LGBT community. They celebrate the fullness of life’s other experiences: the joy, heartache, and messiness that accompany moments of romance, grief, or change.

Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove, a Netflix original is a heart-warming and delightful drama. It is about the boy named Alex Truelove, high school senior who planned to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire. But everything goes haywire when he meets equally lovable guy Elliot at a party.


The best thing about this movie is, it makes you laugh till you cry. One of the critically acclaimed movies, which talks about something which happens all the time but is never disclosed. During a bachelorette party of the lesbian couples, one of the brides admits that she never had an orgasm. Things turn complicated after this confession.

Margarita with a Straw

One of the first Indian movies, directed by Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyar starring Kalki Koechlin to touch this particular topic. Rebellious young woman with cerebral palsy decides to go study in New York. Her life takes a turn where she gets involved with a blind female activist.


Set during the early 1950s, where a young woman named Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) works in a department store, crosses paths with an older woman named Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) and is immediately smitten with her. Carol is a slow-burn prestige drama with a beating pulse.

Beach Rats

It is a heavy drama which is going to leave you baffled in the end. It is about the young boy struggling with drugs, his macho friends, his family and the older men he meets online.

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

One of the first Indian movie after 377 act got abolished, which portrays the love story of two young women. Starring Sonam Kapoor, this movie is about getting open to her family about who she loves.

Duck butter

This movie is about finding oneself and who you love. Two women who are dishonest in their current relationship decides to spend 24 hours together. But what happens when their romance fondles when the clock winds down?

4th man out

It is one of the most hilarious and applicable drama in the daily life. Check out what happens when one of the mechanic friends come out about his sexuality to his very straight best friends.

Handsome Devil

Ned and Conor are forced to share a bedroom at their boarding school. A loner and the star rugby player form an unusual relationship which is tested by authorities.

Elisa & Marcela

Another one of the Netflix originals.inspired by a true story. In 1901, Elisa Sanchez Loriga took on the identity of Mario Sánchez to marry her lover of fifteen years, Marcela Gracia Ibeas.

To each, her own

A Netflix original movie, set in France. This movie talks about bisexuality and its acceptance. Simone plans to inform her conservative Jewish family that she’s a lesbian, but as she proceeds with coming out, she finds herself attracted to a man.


Martin and Gaby met through an online dating app and start trying to form a relationship. But when things get boring, they try unconventional way to ignite their love life again.

Teenage Cocktail

Two teenage small-town girls run away from their home and form an intense bond and launch a lucrative webcam business. Leading them to a dangerous encounter with the middle-aged married man.

Holding the Man

Set in the 1970s, Australia, Tim and John fell in love as teenagers at their all-boys high school. Their romance endured for 15 years to laugh in the face of everything life threw at it – the separations, the discrimination, the temptations, the jealousies and the losses – until the only problem that love can’t solve tried to destroy them.

Yes or no

Pie is a sweet girl who moves into a new college dorm room where she finds out that her new roommate Kim, is a tomboy who looks and dress like a boy. As their friendship develops, Pie and Kim begin to wonder if the feeling they feel for one another is just an ordinary friendship or true love. It is a heart-warming, Asian family drama.

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