6 ways to reduce your screen time

In today’s world, spending one day without a phone or a laptop seems impossible to many, one needs technology for their day to day lives. Getting rid of these gadgets is something that is hard to do, however, screen time can be managed in order to balance daily activities and work that has to be done from behind the screens.

By reducing screen time, one has ample extra time which can be utilized productively and diversely. In order to reduce screen timings, one can follow these tips:

Don’t charge your phone from the bedroom

Charging your phone near your bed will cause in checking of notifications again and again. This can cause disruption in sleep too.

Choose a hobby for your boredom

Since scrolling feed on social media is the easiest way to pass time, we often tend to use it as a pass time, and before we know, several hours are gone. Picking up a hobby like reading a book or learning something new can reduce the time you pass on the phone.

Make a phone call instead of chatting.

If there is something important to talk about, calling is the best option since it is a clearer and faster form of communication unlike chatting which may take a lot of time.

Eat your meals without a screen

You not using a screen can get you rid of many problems like – 1) Not chewing your food properly, 2) Lack of interaction with family members, 3) Leads to severe addiction of usage of screens.

Remove notifications

Notifications are a huge distraction and can stop you from focusing on your work. You do not need to know everything the moment it happens, allow yourself time to focus and time away from screens.

Use screen timeouts

Using screen timeouts are one of the best options to reduce screen timings. These features in your phone allow you to personally choose a limit of specific applications, and block their usage after your given time. This also allows you to sleep without using your phone since you can put the ‘from’ and ‘to’ timing in which you would want your applications to be blocked temporarily.

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