6 well-known Indian fashion brands which are selling face masks

As a compulsion to wear face mask, you need more variety for your daily wear, fashion wear, office wear, and even for your comfort wear. To protect from the COVID-19 virus it is necessary to have one’s face and nose covered when stepping out of the house. Wearing either surgical masks, N95 masks, or the re-useable mask, it is necessary to protect oneself.

Noticing the urgency and the importance it holds, the Indian fashion industry is in the line to make your every outfit niche with coordinated face masks. Yes, you heard it right national fashion brands are offering along with their apparel matching face masks. Some of the well-known brands in this queue are:


An Indian brand that is well-known for the quality and reliability in shoes is now offering its forte of quality and efficiency in face masks. Wildcrafts printed spandex face masks, made for a change can be bought from their website as well as other online purchase websites like Myntra, etc.

Peter England, Allen Solly & Lifestyle

Peter England, Allen Solly & Lifestyle an Aditya Birla group that comes with quality shirts and apparel and has made a niche in the men’s fashion wear is also contributing to this pandemic by manufacturing their face masks. Masks are double layered printed uni-sex face masks. They even have a disposable range.


Bata as a part of its CSR activity has manufactured around 20,000 high-quality face masks to be distributed among the employees, surrounding community people, and police departments. This seems to be a noble cause whose effects will be seen as a very positive turn towards the brand.

Arvind fashion

Arvind Fashion seeks to cash into the opportunity anticipating a year-long wellness habit. Earlier as a philanthropic act, it produced medical-grade masks, and now following the lifestyle change everyone needs to adapt, it has started manufacturing re-useable face masks.


A unique collection of Multi snug fit non-surgical face masks by Fabindia is a new trend that is followed by many individuals. Available on their website, these face masks come in a variety of patterns to choose from.

Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe is also in queue of making protective face masks. These are made of cotton with the antimicrobial finish and 3 layered knit masks. Best suitable for breathable and filtration and brings with extra comfort.

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