8 Drinking games to play on your phone

Are you sick of playing ‘Never have I ever’ and ‘Truth or Dare’ at pre-drinks or at a party? There are a bunch of games keeping aside the classics (Spin the Bottle, Beer Pong, King’s Cup). Here is a list of 8 best games to download, both available on iOS and Android.

8 Drinking games to play on your phone

Drink & Tell

Drink & Tell is a very simple game and fun for all. You can play with a single friend or thousands at the same time. It has many exciting categories to play on like love, sex, embarrassing, pop culture, politics, life and death and also has an option of user-generated questions. Uncover all your friends deepest, darkest secrets while you drink.


The best feature of Drink-O-Tron is the variety of cards. Looking to get a quick buzz? Load up with the Drunkard and Tipsy categories. Playing with your crush? Load up the flirty pack. You can even mix all of them for a fun-filled experience.


Picolo is fun wherever you are, may it be a bar or a sleepover with your friends. Just follow the guidelines as it says and enter each players name to begin. No more complications. Just make sure you have enough drinks for the night cause this game will for sure empty your bottles.

Seven Drinking game

The interesting features of this game are, it has around 436 brilliant game cards which will never let you have the game twice. You at least need three players to start this game. No more getting awkward in parties, just grab your device and play on.


To turn your night epic, on every turn you’ll draw a card with 2 options. A crazy dare or a number of shots to drink. You have to make a wise choice. With over 260 cards available, the game doesn’t proceed unless you choose one of the two which carry specific points. The player with the highest points wins.

Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato tests how quick you are. They have some filthy questions for you to answer. Ranging from, name 3 famous robots to explain Harry Potter as fast as you can. A fast-paced drinking game made on the lines of an idea of a classic hot potato.

Drink Or Doom

Drink or Doom is a drinking game set in a comic book setting. The game has various challenges including public shame, destroying your reputation, stupidity, nudity, and violence. You can also put in some custom challenges manually.

Circle Of Death

This game is a stock of 13 games. It includes classic games Never have I ever, Categories, Question Master, Game of Sevens, Rhymes and many more. No need to get a deck of the card when you have this app.

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