A list of all Indian Netflix originals to watch

Netflix has become the primary enabler of binge-watching over these past few years. It has become better and impressive with all the proliferation of flashy Netflix originals. Directors did a phenomenal job with releasing sacred games, a year ago which hooked up the Indian public to binge-watch on Netflix. With more such TV series and movies with different genres and catalogue,s we have made a list for you with all the Indian Netflix originals. They include all the ones released till date and even the ones which will further be released this year. Without wasting any time, hop on the couch, make some popcorn and start binging.


While fighting crimes against women in Delhi, a short-fused policewoman and her level-headed female boss grapple with gender issues in their own lives.


In the forgotten margins of the segregated communities of a dystopian future, a woman searches for the daughter whom she lost years ago when she was arrested.


Chopsticks is about a gifted but insecure woman going through a transformative experience when she enlists an enigmatic con to help recover her stolen car from a Mumbai thug. It is expected to be released this year.

Lust stories

Lust stories is a sequel to the 2013 Bombay Talkies movie presenting four short films by four of India’s biggest directors exploring love, sex and relationships in modern India.

Little things

It is a cute web series about the sweet little things done by a couple in everyday life.

Rajma Chawal

With Rajma Chawal, Rishi Kapoor debuted on Netflix. It is a comedy, drama film where an internet-rookie father attempts to use social media to enhance his faltering relationship with his millennial son.

Sacred games

Sacred games are the first Netflix original series in India. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of the troubled police officer in Mumbai who receives a phone call from a most-wanted gangster who tells him to save the city within 25 days. The second season is awaited to come out soon.

Delhi Crime

Starring Shefali Shah, the police-procedural thriller is based on the 2012 brutal gangrape case in Delhi. The series premiered worldwide at Sundance
Film Festival recently.

The Indian Detective

A Toronto police officer investigates a murder while his visit to India to meet his father.

Selection day

Story of an Indian boy’s love of cricket in Mumbai, and his discovery that the game isn’t as pure as he thought


Ghoul is an Indian horror miniseries based on Arab folklore monster ghoul, the second Netflix original from India after Sacred Games.

Love Per Square Foot

Love Per Sq foot is about two young people who do not earn enough so they enter into a marriage of convenience to buy a home.

Brij Mohan Amar Rahe

A man fakes his own death. Unfortunately for him, starting a new life with a new identity will only bring him more problems.


Produced by Priyanka Chopra and featuring National Award-winning actress Usha Jadhav, Firebrand is about the ups and downs of modern-day relationship which takes the spotlight in the contemporary, slice-of-life story.

15 august

On India’s Independence Day, a zany mishap in a Mumbai chawl disrupts a young love story while compelling the residents to unite in aid of a little boy.

Ladies First

A biography of a girl born into poverty and limited women rights in the village of Ratu, India and how she becomes the No.1 female archer in the world at 18.

Period. End of sentence

In rural India, where the stigma of menstruation is still very much there, women make low-cost sanitary pads on a new machine and move towards financial independence.

Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

The series covers unseen aspects of the team, the compelling stories and characters that bind them with the vibrant city they call home.

Mighty Little Bheem

Is Netflix’s first Indian animated original series. It is based on Chhota Bheem, one of India’s best-loved characters.

Movies and series which are going to be released further this year

Bard of blood


Music Teacher

An upcoming Netflix original, Music Teacher is based on Indian musicals. Burned by his past, an emotionally troubled, small-town music teacher seeks to reconnect with a now-famous former student and risks everything for it.


The typewriter is an upcoming horror TV series where a group of young friends plan to investigate when a family moves into a suburban Goa house which is believed to be haunted.


Written by Binky Mendez, this Netflix Original is a young adult murder mystery thriller series set in the seaside state of Goa. When her best friend goes missing, Mira sets out on her own investigation, uncovering secrets among her friends, romantic relationships and community.

Sacred Games 2

Continuation to sacred games season 1

Selection day 2

Continuation to selection day season 1

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