All the heart touching Diwali advertisements you might’ve overlooked this year

Diwali is over, did you just overlook these beautiful advertisements made by different brands? “the end of Diwali sale”, “season end sale”, “new year sale”, “Diwali + love= sales”, “this festive season sale”, “Iss Diwali AAP kisse kush kar rhe hai” and “wishes from loved ones”- these all are the trendy and eye-catchy phrases brands use on Diwali sale. Agree? And these legacies had been followed this year as well. Diwali sale is hereby almost all brands in their different ways. Like the Flipkart’s and Amazon’s end of season sale, Pantaloons and Westside’s sale offers and Cadbury celebrations and Schmitten’s moments’ gift box wishes.

Big brands and companies spend millions of their revenue on such advertisements. From the latest research, more than 40% of annual revenue is used for advertisement and companies consider this as an investment rather than an expense. But, what was new this year? Well here are some of the Diwali sale advertisements which were extreme in a way that brands have gone “MAD OVER MARKETING”.


“Amma ki Diwali happy banao”. The most heart touching and nicest advertisement by hp printers. The way the whole advertisement is placed its just heart whelming. Must watch a great effort by HP.


“#Aadhi aadhi Diwali”. This is the tagline of Schmitten’s moments chocolate box Diwali offer. It builds a sense of togetherness. this is the first time Schmitten has brought such an offer and worth spending.


“#Shor ya sangeet”. Saregama carvaan known for its old music delight in a small radio for those who are old gen fans has come up with a sweet Diwali advertisement depicting a new way of celebrating the festival.


“Daag ache hai”. This year surf-excel has aced the Diwali tradition with its new ad campaign where the main motive is to spread love and happiness with all despite the fact to that person’s level of income, caste, sex or creed.


“Doston ki Diwali”. Pantaloons targeted the rising youth this year. With all the teenagers living away from home, their friends become family and celebrating a festival with friends must feel like Diwali. Pantaloon’s Diwali ad touches the heart.

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