All you need to know about the World’s largest cricket stadium being inaugurated by the two mega giants

Guess where the World’s Largest cricket stadium is getting inaugurated today by the honorable president of USA, Donald Trump?

IMMENSE, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE, HUGE, SIZEABLE, MEGAPIXEL, GIGANTIC, BIG, etc. are the words we have been hearing or reading in the news nowadays. Can u relate to this? Yes, you can this is the new world’s largest cricket stadium built in Motera, Gujarat.

Last year the tallest statue of Sardar Patel and now the largest stadium in the world named SARDAR PATEL STADIUM. Well seems like Gujarat is on its way to being the world’s best city.

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Here are some basic details regarding the stadium that makes it exclusive and that known in the world. After the last biggest stadium in Melbourne with a capacity of 100024 in it, the Sardar Patel stadium has passed over it with a capacity of 110000 in it.

It was reconstructed with an estimated cost of 8 billion rupees. It has a field size of 1632yards x 170yards constituting to 62 acres of the land.


It was built firstly in 1982 as a Gujarat stadium and was used for all international cricket matches. It has till now hosted 3 matches including the final match between India and Australia.

In 2015 it went into the renovation with an estimated cost of 7 billion rupees. And after works of 5 years, here it is with all mega-sized up events.

This stadium can seat up to 1,10,000 spectators which are 2 times more than its own previous version and 10000 more than the last largest stadium of Melbourne.

It will have 11 different pitches built from 3 different soils, pace bounce, turn- everything on offer.

Not only the pitches are gigantic also there will be 76 corporate boxes, 4 dressing rooms and an Olympic size swimming pool for the refreshment.
Also, it will have an in-built cricket academy, with a hostel of 40 athletes.

And the most attraction of it is the hosting of it, which will be done by the honorable president of the USA, Donald Trump. Yes, on the 24th of February 2020 with mega-event Donald trump along with Narendra Modi will inaugurate this mega-giant.

So, all the people from and outside Gujarat must visit this stadium have their breaths taken away for a moment to be seized.

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