Apps you can use which can actually help you save money

Money! The basic requirement in one’s life. Doesn’t matter if you are a student or an adult. You need it to buy presents, investments or maybe even travelling. We cannot make it all possible manually, and so free money apps came into existence that helps us to save money from our earnings or pocket money. There are all kinds of apps developed to help us save money from booking hotels to spending money on food, they offer us some great deal which becomes useful in this expensive world.


It is a quintessential app for saving money. It arranges all your bills at one place and also gives you a detailed analysis of your spending pattern. Not only does it sort out your expenses in the simplest way possible, but it also has an option where you could pay your bills using Mint. Other features include credit score calculation, multi-factor authentication and even a web version. If you never knew about it, now you know that there is an app which does a job of accountant for you if you are too young and can’t afford one.


You can also save money by comparing prices of the products or services that you going to buy and negotiate with the merchant. It compares and displays the rates and discounts of over 10Million products from nearly 100 E-commerce websites for the best prices available. You can find all the products like Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Cameras, Apparels, shoes and accessories, Hi-Fi equipment etc


Whether you do your food shopping online or in store, you can use mySupermarket to make sure you’re always paying the lowest price available for every item on your shopping list. Create your shopping list on your phone via mySupermarket and the app will tell you which of the major supermarkets are selling those items at the lowest price, or if a particular supermarket has the item on special offer.

Crown it

Crown it is not an app that helps you in saving money directly. While the apps mentioned above sorts out your payments, Crown it gives you up to 50% cashback on your food purchases. All you need to do is take a picture of the bill and upload it and once the bill has been verified, the app gives you cash back in the form of points which you can use it later while shopping.


Splitwise is one of the most useful apps to have if you have to divide your expenses with a group. If you still haven’t heard of it, it’s time you download it. And if you are one of those who hates asking for money which you spent when your group hung out, Splitwise comes very handily. All you need to do is create a group and add your expense there. The app automatically divides it among the group and everyone will get a notification to pay up.


Hopper comes handy while planning a vacation as it not only shows you the cheapest flights but also predicts the prices prior so as to help you plan better within your budget.


One of the first steps in saving money is to know your expenses and plan ahead for it. If you are a person who hates doing that, Mvelopes is the app you need to have in your smartphone. The app does all the planning for you, even allocating the amount from your monthly budget into categories such as groceries, rent, bills etc. And if the money from one of your envelope finishes, you can either transfer or wait until your next salary date for the amount to be credited.


This money-saving apps help you save your money on travel and fun. They already have more than 10 Million travellers around the world using the app and saving a lot of money. This app gets you a hassle-free booking experience and saves money every time when you book a train, flight, bus (or) Hotels. Indian Railway Train Ticket Booking has many exclusive deals and offers. They also have been open to cancellation which makes it trustworthy.

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