Are you ready with your cameras for the last lunar eclipse of 2019?

The greatest partial eclipse when the Moon will look the darkest will be around 3 am. The Moon will remain partially eclipsed till 4:29 am on Wednesday.

Waiting for midnight ? Today it’s worth waiting for as it will be the last lunar eclipse of the year 2019. The eclipse will be visible almost throughout the night from all parts of the country. The eclipse will begin around 1.31 am on July 17, 2019. Now what’s really is worth noting about this lunar eclipse is that it’s after 149 years that a lunar eclipse is taking place with Guru Purnima.

This celestial phenomenon of Lunar eclipse takes place only at a full Moon night i.e the Sun and the Earth are in a perfectly straight line. But the one really unique thing about a lunar eclipse is that length and type of a lunar eclipse depend on the moon’s proximity to either of earth’s orbit. Also, according to NASA, it is safe to watch the lunar eclipse and any superstitions related to it should be ignored. Get your cameras ready to capture the beautiful phenomenon.

As of today’s eclipse, the moon will look the darkest around 3 am. The Moon will remain partially eclipsed till 4:29 am in the morning. The eclipse will be completely visible in the western and northern region of India and the eastern side will be able to see the only partial lunar eclipse. Other than India this celestial phenomenon will also be visible in parts of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The next lunar eclipse will supposedly be in the year 2021. A partial lunar eclipse happens twice in a year, according to NASA. A proper lunar eclipse is very rare and might last for hours.

Excited for the eclipse now?

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