Cadbury unites the country with its all new ‘Unity Bar’, conveying the power of chocolate

If someone is updated with news he/she will probably know that there are tensions going around in India. Thus, on this year’s 73rd Independence day for the country, everyone’s favourite, Cadbury brought a way to unite people. Hoping to get its Indian customers together, Cadbury’s has launched a four-in-one Unity Bar. The chocolate brand hopes to unite the country on its divided lines of caste, language, religion and region. It combines four different flavours: dark, blended, milk, and white. , Cadbury’s teamed up with PR communications agency Ogilvy India to introduce the snack.

The company celebrated the spirit of Independence and unity by releasing a front-page ad in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru edition of The Economic Times. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the uniqueness of the ad was that it used Kannada headline in the Mumbai edition, Telugu headline in the Delhi edition and Marathi headline in the Delhi edition.

In each language, the brand message was the same with Cadbury stating, ‘Sweet things happen when we unite’. For industry observers with Hindi being the most common language used by brands, the move by Ogilvy and Cadbury was a refreshing one.

“While it is common for South Indians to read ads in Hindi, people living in Delhi and Mumbai are accustomed to Hindi and Marathi. The move by Cadbury not helps to break the clutter, it also ups the emotional quotient. Further, considering that it is a limited-editions product which sold only via Flipkart, the intent, I assume is not sales, but PR and buzz,” Karthik Srinivasan, independent creative consultant said.

If the sweet blend of different chocolates in one bar wasn’t enough to entice you to want to try this bar, it has an equally sweet message. It was made to represent “a rainbow of brown, a giant bouquet of mother tongues, a churring confluence of cultures,” according to Design Taxi.
“India is a diverse country, with people of different castes, creed, languages, regions, religions. Everyone living together, but not always with love,” Ogilvy India, who created the ad, wrote on its website. “Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is loved by everyone, wanted to send a powerful message of unity.”

The image of the packaging shows a group of Indian people from various backgrounds. Illustrations of Muslim women in headscarves can be seen holding hands with Sikh men holding hands with dark and light skin people.
Cadbury Unity Bar is priced at Rs 73 for 130 gm. The chocolate bar became available on Indian retail site Flipkart but promptly sold out due to high demand.

Consumers in India who have tried the chocolate bar had good words to say. One person who commented under Cadbury’s YouTube video wrote: ‘Received this AMAZING chocolate. And it’s packaging is mind-blowing. Limited edition gives me 100% satisfaction. Thank u Cadbury for making this special chocolate on Independence Day.’
When the country is at the edge of dime like situation, it is ideas as such, bring a hope of unity and a hope for a more harmonised world.

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