Carlsberg following the path of sustainability has unveiled world’s first paper beer bottle

What does BREWER mean? It means a person or a company that manufactures beer. Well, the no. 1 global brewer is CARLSBERG. It is 172 years old founded in 1847. Till now 684 types of beer have been introduced by carls berg. They say that they brew for a better future for all of us. Its beer is in the top 10 best beers in the world.

The main quality is its uniqueness. We all might remember Saif Ali khan’s advertisement of Carlsberg glasses, it is unique, catchy and trendy. Carlsberg keeping this tradition of uniqueness alive introduces something which has never been expected. The first ‘PAPER BEER BOTTLE’.

Yes, beer in a paper bottle has been introduced for the very first time in history by Carlsberg which is made up of recyclable and sustainable wood fiber. This step is taken towards zero percent emission of carbon in the atmosphere. This time Carlsberg is focusing on creating 100 percent bio-based bottles without the use of polymers with ‘the green-fiber bottle project’.

This plan was first announced in 2015. It is testing two different substances that form the inner barrier for its bottle: a recycled PET polymer and a bio-based PEF polymer. Apart from this, they are focusing on one more development that is high-cone plastic rings or shrink-wraps for multipacks into carton board sleeves or clips. In this bio-based bottle project, Carlsberg is not the only initiator it’s a joint venture by Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, the Absolute company and L’Oreal, and this joint venture is named ‘PABOCO'(paper bottle community). Seems like the world’s largest consumer-goods companies are giving their share to the environment.

The main question that arises here is that will such bottles affect the taste and flavors of the beer for which Carlsberg is famous for?

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