Coolest things to do this weekend in Ahmedabad

With ICC world cup coming to an end on Sunday and Indian team loosing after giving it’s best in their semi-finals, there is not much left to cheer on. Let’s us make it a little better for you and add some spunk in your life. Get going and learn something new or indulge in the football match over this weekend. Some of these events that are must, in your to do list over this weekend.

Laughs Over Latte

Date and time: July 12 (8pm)

Venue: Zee5 Loft

Fees: ₹149

Join in if you want to have an evening filled the laughter over a scrumptious meal.

Nail Extension Workshop

Date and time: July 12 onwards

Venue: Urbaniche – The Nail Bar

Fees: ₹15000

Beautify your client’s hands that will speak volumes about not only them but you as an artist. Explore your artistic potential in this contemporary visual art feel.

Hero Intercontinental Cup 2019- India vs DPR Korea

Date and time: July 13 (8pm onwards)

Venue: EKA Arena, Ahmedabad

Fees: ₹100

In the fourth match of this league, the Blue Tigers (that’s us, Team India) will be playing against DPR Korea. Placed 101 in FIFA rankings, the Indian team should be ready to display a stronger game as they go head-to-head with Korea’s players (ranked 122).

Dream Catcher Weaving Workshop

Date and time: July 14 (3pm onwards)

Venue: 079, stories

Fees: ₹1800

Dream Catcher Weaving Workshop designed for all the creative enthusiasts out there. all you have to do is intend, weave and manifest.

Dry Run – Stand-up comedy trial show By Laksh Nayak

Date and time: July 14 (8pm)

Venue: studio Pepperfry

Fees: ₹100-₹200

This is a stand-up comedy trial show where you will witness some trial and some error but altogether this will be a sure shot fun experience for the audience.

Ombré Acrylic Art Workshop

Date and time: July 13 (4pm onwards)

Venue: 079, stories

Fees: ₹1800

A beginner’s friendly workshop where one learns what is Ombré, all about acrylic medium and various colour schemes. An interesting approach towards making Ombré on canvas, where you learn how to handle this fantastic medium of acrylic paints and make your own colour palette, proceeding with a scenic backdrop.

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