Coolest things to do this weekend in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is growing rapidly to become one of the metro cities. Every
weekend we have fun activities and events in Ahmedabad. Amdavadis can engage in these kinds of events to get relief from their tiring weekdays. This weekend there are comedy shows, Garba workshops, trek camp and much more. You can choose accordingly to match your mood.

The case of Lost Curiosity

Date and Time: August 25 (5 pm to 8 pm)

Venue: Cafe Project Otenga

Fees: ₹500

Go and learn how to make every moment exciting and creative and be the explorer of the world! Together we will discover to see the unseen in everyday life.
Observe. Create. Co-learn.

This is an interactive workshop on creativity, observation, and exploration in everyday life. It will include talks, conversations, and activities that guide for creative ways of exploration.

It looks at how in this age we are often connected on screens but have forgotten to live life ‘offline’. It revolves around the subject of creativity and how everyone can be creative in living their lives! It’s NOT just for the artists or designers, it’s for EVERYONE.

WiseCracks- Bachmanity

Date and Time: August 24 (7 pm onwards )

Venue: Cafe Skryf Library – Your Doorstep Cafe and Library

Fees: ₹100

Wisecracks are here to tickle your funny bone this Saturday. Witness some of the best local comedians in Ahmedabad to crack you up. Surely they are going to light up your evening by being as funny as they can be.

Demeanour of Dediapada- a waterfall trek

Date and Time: August 24 (6 am onwards )

Venue: Diving Deep

Fees: ₹255

A trek through mysterious valleys at the ‘Green glory of Gujarat’, near Dediapada forests. It is all about Waterfalls, streams, hills and the trails of untamed backwoods. A perfect getaway to meander in the utopia of Vindhya and Saputara Ranges. A must camp experience to unleash the monsoon outdoors.

Open mic event 4.0

Date and Time: August 25 (4 pm onwards)

Venue: Cafe Skryf, Nehrunagar Cross Roads

Fee for performers: ₹100

Audience fee: ₹70

Here is a wonderful chance to showcase your recitation or narration talent. You can use languages like Hindi, Urdu, English, Gujarati for your composition. It is going be a fun night for all the listeners and writers.

Loving Yoga

Date and Time: August 24 (8 am onwards)

Venue: Loving Center for Transformation

Fees: ₹1200

Yoga is a mind & body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques & meditation or relaxation. Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Practices of Yoga doesn’t mean how much different asana you do but how efficiently you do the asana.

Indie Theatre Festival – 1.0

Tajmahal Ka Tender – (A Humorous Hindi Play)

Date and Time: August 25 (9 pm onwards)

Venue: Foot Lights – Best Acting and Drama coaching classes

Fees: ₹250

Indie Theatre Festival is an initiative to spread and sustain theatre to new audiences and make them understand the joy of binge-watching plays. A Laugh-Riot, Superb Political Satire, Amazing Performances, Spectacular Experience – This is what the audience says about our play – “Tajmahal Ka Tender”.

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