Did you know the real names of these famous celebrities?

You will be surprised to know that these are not the original names of some of your favourite celebrities. The real surname of the Bachchan family is “Srivastava”, the family adopted this after the pen name of Amitabh’s father. Amitabh got the ‘Big B’ title soon after the second comeback of his film ‘Mrityudaata’ in the 90’s. These are the original names of some of the celebrities.

Inquilab Srivastava

Would Inquilab Srivastava sound better than Big B?

Katrina Turquotte

Well, can you pronounce it right?

Hrithik Nagrath

Thank god, he changed to Hrithik Roshan.

Shahid Khatter

He still uses Khatter on his passport

Vishal Devgan

What’s more Punjabi? Vishal or Ajay?

Farhan Abraham

Yes, that’s his Parsi name since birth

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan

Later it got shortened to Sridevi

Govind Arun Ahuja

He just choose to not have a surname

Suyush Sharat Chandrakant Deshpandey

Too serious for his funny personality

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

That’s why his production banner says ‘Hari Om Entertainment’

Ashwini Shetty

She had to change her name to gain more luck

Jai Hemant Shroff

Just like his father, Jackie Shroff, he choose Tiger Shroff

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