Don’t want to hit the gym? These 10 workouts are here to rescue you

Today, with people becoming more and more work-oriented, fitness is left behind. We all want to be fit and healthy for a better life and often people around recommend you to hit the gym. Gymming is the most popular way of fitness today, while many of you will find gym perfect for them along with your daily routine, many will just find it troublesome and monotonous and thus end up leaving the gym for the 100th time. One of the best ways of staying fit is changing your workout routines so that it becomes less boring.

We have got a list of 10 fun workout routines that will make you fit and you can actually enjoy while burning that fat and getting those abs


Zumba is a group workout which will help you in weight loss and toning and sculpting of the body. Unlike the gym, it is more fun as it includes high energy music sinking with your steps. As there is no age limit for this exercise, you can join it with your family as well for some fun quality time!


Other than their movies, parties and linkups, Bollywood stars are also famous for their workout routines and nowadays Pilates is a trend. It is a form of low-impact exercise that improves your postural alignment and flexibility while working on your core. Its best part is that it can be done without any equipment. Join the Pilates gang now because as they say life is better with Pilates!


Dancing is the most fun workout routine you can ever go to. It is good to maintain a daily movement of the body and you can also learn art in the process. You can choose from a variety of dance forms including Classical, Semiclassical, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ariel etc.

Pole dancing

It is a perfect combination of dancing and acrobatics done on a vertical pole. Earlier it was a popular sexual dance form, but now it is gaining popularity in the fitness department as it increases core strength and helps in losing the weight and gaining flexibility.


Aerobics means requiring free oxygen, aerobics is a low to high-intensity workout that uses oxygen to meet energy demands. It includes stretching and strength training routine, best done with music and in groups.

Water aerobics

Water aerobics is a fun new version of aerobics done in shallow water like in a swimming pool. It is a type of resistance training. It burns around 500 calories in an hour as compared to 400 in regular aerobics. Improves flexibility without putting pressure on the joints, which happens in most other workouts. One of the best for summers; you can have fun in the pool and burn that 500 calories as well.


Yoga is a thousand years old discipline found in India. It works for your body both spiritually and physically. You can do the asanas according to your strength and see yourself improving day by day. It is considered to be best for body flexibility and is believed that several postures(asanas) can heal several body diseases and pain. All you need is fresh air and a yoga mat because “Yoga Se Hoga”!

Ariel Yoga

For some people yoga is not that fun and adventurous, so they can try Ariel Yoga. Yes, you guessed it right, its yoga above the ground. It is a combination of yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a hammock. It will be a whole new experience for you and your flexibility and strength.


Bouldering is a form of rock climbing but on the artificial rock walls, known as boulders. It is done with or without the harness. It is good for your upper body strength and body coordination.

Workout with pets

Playing with pets is the best way to cheer yourself up and also help you be fit. Not only you can walk them but also do many other activities like aerobics, dancing or playing some sports with them. They will help you stay positive while workout and you both can be fit together. So, next time when thinking about a workout buddy, don’t forget to consider your pet.

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