Ever thought of a mosquito repellant you could use by connecting it to your power bank?

The new USB mosquito repellants are taking over Amazon and Flipkart. Mosquito’s are a big problem in these rainy days. So here’s a solution to keep them at bay.

USB powered Mosquito trap killer is introduced specially for indoors. It is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use. And it is absolutely safe to use as it does not contain any harmful chemical, gas or spray. Noise free and covers sufficient area. With this device you can avoid the stings of the mosquito and prevent yourself with mosquito borne diseases.

The device looks very attractive and easy to use. This mosquito killer tramp is rigged with photo catalyst UV lights. Mosquito’s are attracted by the UV lights, and when they go near the lamp they are sucked inside by a fan that prevents them from escaping and dies in suffocation. It has a strong suction fan that catches the mosquito quickly. The best thing about the device is that non-toxic, safe to human and pets. It is noise free and hygienic to use.
The usage is very simple, just plug in the USB and sit back & relax while the device does its work. The trap not only drives the mosquito’s away but also other flying pests. It works efficiently in up to thousand square feet area and is waterproof and weather resistant. The dead mosquitoes and flies are collected in a neatly hidden tray at the bottom making it easy to clean. This tray can be easily removed and washed with water.

With the USB port design you can power by connecting to power bank, laptop or plug in the socket with the phone’s charging adapter. Auger type, anti escape device traps the mosquito’s and allows them to run nowhere. It has a big holding mosquito storage capacity so that you need not to replace frequently.

Available in Amazon and Flipkart at super affordable prices starting from just 500 bucks. Prices vary from brand to brand.

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