Facts you never knew about your favourite duo, Tom & Jerry who turned 78 years old

Are you a ’90s kid? No? Well, I’m sure that doesn’t matter when it comes to watching Tom & Jerry! They are still everyone’s favourite cartoon, be it a kid or an adult watching it!

Tom & Jerry is an animated cartoon series of short comedy films and were streamed majorly in the ’90s on Cartoon Network in India. Probably the only mime show with the background music you enjoyed watching. There are several recurring characters too. It is surprising how there have been so many episodes revolving around a basic storyline of a mouse and cat chase game, yet were so creatively shown, that one could watch the same episodes over and over again and never get tired.

Tom & Jerry still occupy a big place in everybody’s heart, irrespective of age. The videos are available online too and it is the best pastime one could ever think of

A few facts on our favourite duo :

  • Tom and Jerry first appeared under their own names in ‘the midnight snak’ by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera on July 19, 1941
  • The cat and mouse duo were originally named jasper and jinx. The names Tom & Jerry were suggested by animator John Carr during a studio-wide competition, which won him $50.
  • In a 1975 special episode, Tom and Jerry actually went on to become best friends!
  • Together they travelled the world and competed in various sports, solved mysteries, but they soon went back to being rivals again.
  • In one of the episodes, believed to be the ending of the show by some, tom apparently commits suicide, jerry joins him displaying how the rival duo stuck together even in times of adversity.
  • The show became so popular that the Arab state of Sharjah issued set of postage stamps in 1972
  • The famous duo have a cocktail named after them, “the tom and jerry drink” is a traditional Christmas drink made with eggnog
  • Tom and Jerry won seven animation Oscars and became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time.

Tom and Jerry almost did not see the light of day! MGM studio planned to discontinue the show after its first episode as they felt that a cat and a mouse trope was too clichéd to work. But as they say, the best ideas are the simplest. And we’re all glad it did because our childhood would definitely be incomplete without it.

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