Food that helps you beat the heat this summer

The scorching heat this summer shouldn’t stop you from performing your daily routine. The heat stroke can hit anyone, though one might have the best stamina but is not hydrated. The prevalent environment, where there is a combination of heat and humidity is worse. There are certain food recommendations to keep yourself hydrated this summer. We always want to treat ourselves in summer either with ice-cream or ice-gola which only make our body feel cool temporarily. Juicy fruits, cucumber, coconut water are your solutions to the heatstroke.

11 Food that helps you beat the heat this summer


Watermelon is a cool and refreshing fruit with 92% water content. One of the best summer fruit which is fat-free and has significant levels of Vitamin A, C, and B6.


Cucumber in its kind has 95% of water content in itself, so the worries or dehydration are out of the window. By eating cucumber you would never be deprived of water.

Cucumber is healthy as it contains approximate 16 calories, being helpful for weight loss. While the skin of the cucumber is healthy as it contains Vitamin C which helps you to protect from yourself from the UVA/UVB rays which can cause you skin cancer.


Pomegranate is a fruit rich with water and special antioxidants. It contains powerful antioxidants which would overpower red wine and green tea’s antioxidant count. One glass of juice is three times better than the above two.

Coconut water

Lots of water would be difficult to consume altogether. But having it in flavored form would help you consume more liquids. Coconut water contains essential minerals which would maintain the electrolyte balance. It is a good source of potassium.


Indian summers are incomplete without the all-time favorite mango. The juice of green mango with water and some sweetener on top will cool your body down immediately. Mango has both vitamin A and vitamin c which boosts the immune system.


Dehydration strikes the heart and kidney first. And kiwi helps in aiding your dehydration as it helps in maintaining the correct balance of electrolytes in the kidney. It also boosts the potassium level in the body.

Green gram sprouts

This is a kind of lentil which is considered as a cool food. Having mixed it with a potato chaat and few pieces of cucumber would just add up the best combination for a super healthy snack in summer. Having water of soaked green gram would act as a cooling masterstroke.


Oranges are among the citrus fruits which would robustly boost the electrolytes. In this scorching heat, it is recommended to reload your electrolytes with a juicy orange.


Pear is a fruit which is full of water and also contains six grams of soluble fiber in it. This fiber is comparatively more than an apple. They are great for the overall health of the body, helping in digestion and boosting the immune system.


Lettuce is full of water. So a bowl of salad with more content of lettuce would help you get away with the heat trap. The highest water content of 96% is in the iceberg lettuce. Lettuce has various varieties of which butter-leaf and romaine also are of recommendations to have.


Gulkand which is a sweet preserve of rose petals. It helps in revealing your body from various heat-related issues such as itching, lethargic attitude, aches, tiredness. This is such kind of tonic which would help increase the digestion capacity of your body by reducing the heat and acidity in the stomach. It also further helps in purifying the blood. Having a banana milkshake with Gulkand topped with ice would just make a perfect combination.

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