GAM-COVID-VAC-LYO: A step towards end of Covid-19?

The WHO said that any WHO-approved stamp on a Covid-19 vaccine would require a thorough wellbeing information survey after Rusia declared Tuesday it had affirmed a vaccine.

Will the vaccine by Russia answer all our worries of COVID-19?

The most awaited moment all of us have been waiting for the last months. The introduction of a vaccine for coronavirus for which Russia has stepped forward with a regulatory grant of the vaccine. The “Gam-COVID-Vac Lyo” vaccine prepared by a collaboration of Moscow’s Gamaleya institute and Russia’s defence ministry is ready for civilian use as said by Russia President Vladimir Putin.

Scepticism on its efficiency and safety?

Though Putin’s daughter has been inoculated with the first shot of the vaccine it still holds the doubt of its efficiency as the lab results of the same are not yet completed. Russia reported the successful results of 2 stages of the trial but the results of the third stage that are a human trial in liquid and soluble powder form are yet to be announced. WHO has asked all the volunteers of the third stage to complete the results and then only allow the vaccine for public use. It is usually seen that after the completion of the third stage it takes 2-3 months to develop a vaccine for public use but Russia started its third stage a month back in 1st week of July which is raising questions to its safety.

When and who will be given the vaccination at first?

It is said that mass production after the regulatory registration of the vaccine will start in September and “high-risk people” like health officials and doctors would be the first ones to be given the preference. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accepted Russia’s offer to volunteer for a vaccine shot as a gesture of trust.

All aside, if this vaccine shows immense positive results once it is out for public use then the hope for returning to the normal will be fulfilled.

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