Google Maps just launched 3 new features in India to make the public transport more efficient

In India where the primary mode of travel is the public transport, Google Maps now will keep you updated about the delayed trains, the time duration of the transit, how much time you will spend on the public transport and mixed mode directions including the auto rickshaw ride durations. Today Google Maps is being used by millions of Indians to navigate. Google Maps is focused on introducing India first features targeting the Indian audience with accurate and relevant experiences.

By using live traffic data in partnership with the Where is My Train app that Google acquired last year, real time train information is available. You can know if your train is delayed in the app itself. Enter the start location and end location and you will find a list of trains that you can take.

The other feature simplifies the travelling on public transport buses. You can know the bus travel times based on live locations. It will also let you know the time it will take to travel in the bus considering the live traffic, a feature launching first in India. This feature is launching in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Surat, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai and Mysore. If your bus travel time shows red that means the bus is running late and is delayed whereas if it is green it is on time.

When using Google Maps for public transport, it will now tell you the time duration of the whole travel. With information on which station should you stop and catch an auto rickshaw from will now also be shown. You can also see the meter estimates of your rickshaw ride with your departure time for transit connection. This helps you plan your whole trip prior with knowing the fares. This feature will be on air in Delhi and Bangalore initially and will spread through the cities gradually.

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