Hima Das, Golden Girl of India who won five gold medals in 20 days

With all the things going in around the world, one name is sure on the mind of people, HIMA DAS. This 19-year-old is nothing but a global phenomenon, who won five gold medals, four in 200m and one in 400m event in just 20 days. She is living her glory days. Making the nation proud. She is nothing less than an inspiration to all those people out there.

“These five matches were training games; warm-up matches because big games like World Championship is coming next. So, for that, I am preparing. My focus is on these big games. I will try my best to do well there. I need your prayers and blessings,” Hima Das said in a press conference.

A lot of sportsmen and celebrities included our very own prime minister, took upon twitter to congratulate Hima Das.

After winning her fifth gold medal her brand value has gone up from ₹3million to ₹6 million per endorsement. Owing to her success, she is named ‘Dhing Express’ after the name of her village in Assam. She is also given the name of ‘GOLDEN GIRL’ after representing Indian at international level and winning India five gold medal. For all those out there, who do not the story behind who is Hima Das and where comes from, we have tried to narrow it down and bring the gist of her background.

She comes from an ordinary farmer family and her family cultivates rice. She used to play soccer with boys in school time and wanted to make her identity as a striker, originally, she was looking for a career in football. Hima started running on the advice of Shamsul Haq, the physician teacher she had. Later Hima’s coach Nippon, seeing her during the inter-district competition, said that “Hima had worn the cheapest spikes and despite that, she won gold in the race of 100 meters and 200 meters, running like the wind. In my entire life, I have not seen such talent at such a young age.”

She is just 19 they say. If this is not inspiring, what is? We just hope that she keeps striving and keeps inspiring.

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