How people connect their lives to movies and how it influences them

For a long time, since its inception, film has had many roles in society. While some of them portray the world around us, others delve into fantasy worlds of our own creation, and some films even go so far as to explore our subconscious minds. 

At some point we all yearn to escape the lives we lead and see ourselves in a completely different situation that feels freer than the present. A few of us have the opportunity to change our lifestyles and our priorities but others might just find themselves stuck in a rut. Films offer a means of escape from our routine lives into someone else’s exciting adventures. They show us what else is possible in this world of ours and for those 120 minutes or so we are transported into a space between our reality and the film’s narrative. What is fascinating is that more often than not it is the very similarities between our lives and a character’s journey (or a scene), which brings us closer to this medium, whether it is fiction film, an animation, a documentary or a music video. 

We can always look to escape the mundane everyday but do we ever wonder whether the everyday is in itself something that is full of possibilities that just need attention? Over the past decade or so, people have been trying to look closer at what they are surrounded by, and if need be change it for the better rather than dismissing it for what it is. Today, we are seeing more films that talk about everyday lives that delve deeper into character and circumstance. In the age of the Internet, accessibility to knowledge has opened different parts of the world to each other, leading to more diverse stories and representation of more cultures on film. This allows us to go beyond our similarities towards empathising with what we see on screen. Recently, on the Drama Actresses Roundtable, Patricia Arquette talked about her role in Escape at Dannemora, and of the importance of having the elderly represented as lead characters on film and television. Widening the scope for representation on film means that more voices are heard and more ideas are brought forth to the world. 

Film is a powerful medium that has a vast reach. It shapes our childhood memories, it’s a form of entertainment for when we feel like we need a break from our lives, and most importantly, its a window into the lives of millions of people around the world, from the largest cities to remote landscapes, gangsters to teenagers, and countless other ideas that have and are still to come. Film is way of connecting through time and space. 

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