How to sleep well on a flight

A plane ride with screaming parents, crying infants, nosy neighbors, and the window shade up all the time can be almost impossible. No-one would want to spend the first hours of the trip not getting good sleep. Well, a business class or a first-class ride is more recommended if you can afford it. Nevertheless, there are pro tips that will help you sleep well on a plane.

Choose your seat wisely

One of the most important factors to decide your sleep on your long flight. Always choose a window seat so you are not disturbed by the neighbors to move out. It also gives your head support to lean on. Window seat allows you to have the authority of keeping the shade up or down. When choosing seats, remember the seats on the emergency exit have better leg space but some of them do not recline. Even the armrests on these seats don’t go up.

The front seats mostly have the air hostesses roaming and babies crying. Taking a rear seat is no good either. It’s where the lavatory is there, so both smell and noise will be a pain.

Use earphones

Avoid watching TV onboard. The screen keeps you awake. Instead, listen to relaxing music which will keep you away from the high engine noise.

Recline your seat

You should always recline your seat while sleeping but make sure you look back. What if your backbencher is having a coffee or has his head on the tray. Be kind and polite to recline your seat.

Bring a Neck Pillow

Bringing a neck pillow will refrain you from unconsciously leaning on your neighbor. They are extremely supportive and holds up your neck in the front. Not everyone likes to use the neck pillow but you can experiment and figure out the best way.

Travel light

If you have two huge cabin baggage there is a higher probability of one of the bags going under your front seat which kills your leg space. Make sure you only have one bag and everything packed in it well. Just make sure you keep all basic stuff in the outer pocket of your bag so you can easily take them out before you put them in the upper bins.

Ignore coffee and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol on a daytime flight will keep you up when even the rays of the sun are hitting inside. In that case, always choose water or juice. Even with meals, don’t pack your tummy completely with food. Stay light. Keep an alarm 30-45 mins before landing on your phone or watch so it gives you enough time to use the bathroom and get down completely awake.

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