Hyderabad Traffic Police installs LED strip lights at signals to increase road safety

The traffic police of Hyderabad’s KBR PRK Junction introduced strip lights on an experimental basis on July 3, 2019.

There are new LED speed breakers installed at traffic singles which automatically switch colours coinciding with the traffic signals. This allows the drivers to slow down well ahead of the junction. This is a good initiative to bring better road safety, keeping in mind many motorists who blatantly break traffic signals saying they did not see the red light.

The LEDs are waterproof and hence doesn’t get affected by rain nor waterlogging. M Narsing Rao, inspector of traffic police has stated that if this experiment proves to be a success, it will be implied across the city.

In an interview for business standards, Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, told ANI on Wednesday: “We could see many commuters jumping signals in the city. To curb this, we have installed LED strip lights on the stop line at traffic junctions on a pilot basis.” “When the red light is seen on the signals, the commuters become conscious and try not to cross at that time. At the same time, these lights will also help pedestrians to cross the roads because at many junctions we can see the commuters occupy the zebra crossing,” he said.

He said that only after two days of installing LED strip lights, there has been a significant improvement in the traffic situation and the department has received good feedback from the public.

“It has been two days since the installation of these LED strip lights. We have noticed improvement even during the day time. We are also getting good feedback from the public. In coming days we are going to extend it to other signals too,” added Kumar.

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