ICC World Cup 2019: India and Pakistan, nothing less than a war

June 16, 2019, the day all Indians are waiting for. It is the 22nd ICC world cup match between India and Pakistan. Hosted by Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester the match starts at 03:00 pm IST. India and Pakistan cricket feud has been going on for ages and it is quite a personal event for both the countries. The last time India and Pakistan played with each other in the world cup over a billion people tuned in, which in terms of viewer is equal to 52 episodes of game of throne finales.

India and Pakistan have used cricket to both inflame tensions and ease tensions. After the terrorist attacks in Kashmir, India reportedly threatened to boycott its match with Pakistan. But as reported by TOI, former cricketer Gautam Gambhir said that if they want to ban someone from playing, they should ban them from playing any form of cricket, whether it’s Asia cup or ICC events. They cannot have a conditional ban as per their need. This statement was made against the decision of Indian government to ban Pakistan from ICC world cup.

India does hold the power in the ICC world cup more than any other teams. BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) alone earns 33% of the total revenue generated in the ICC world cup even if the Indian team performs poorly, which is three times the money what other countries earn. BCCI of course has an upper hand and the final say over the ICC. But the board members of the BCCI came to a conclusion and did not appeal to ban the Pakistan team from ICC world cup. This decision by BCCI was made against the say of government of India whose main decision revolved around the Pulwa attack in Kashmir. A smart business choice by BCCI because the net worth of this match will be much more than one can imagine and hence much more profit to the Indian cricket team. A smart choice which turned the tables. If the Indian cricket association now appeales to ban the Pakistan team then the Indians might look coward and it would have seemed that they are trying to avoid Pakistan due to the Kashmir attack.

Nevertheless, this gives India another chance at a war to win against them using not guns but cricket as their weapon and whole world as it’s spectator. This has put the Indian cricketers under loads of pressure coming from the cricket board as well as government. Of course, we will be able to admire the sportsmanship between both these teams on the field regardless of the situation they have been put in. Not only Indians and Pakistani but the whole world is eagerly waiting for June 16th, 2019 the day when the winner of the war is announced.

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