India Vs New Zealand: The fate lies in the hands of the rain

“Can we have the next World Cup in a desert please,” frustrated fan put up this tweet on twitter. And honestly, it’s a better option to do so. Don’t you think? Yesterday’s match delayed thank to the actual and the only consistent supporter of the tournament, rain. As mentioned in the last article if rains came, the match will be delayed by one day called ‘reserve day’

The rain was forecast for Tuesday in Manchester and duly made its appearance in the afternoon. New Zealand 211 for five after 46.1 over. Later players had to leave the field. The match would be continued from here on onwards with New Zealand finishing it’s batting and then Indian team batting for its keeps. As per today’s forecast for Manchester, there are 30% chances of rains in the mid-afternoon and 10% chances in the morning. What are the odds? If there are any interruptions during the match the overs will be curtailed to a minimum of 20 overs. If no result is possible i.e. match doesn’t take place at all, then India will become the finalist as it has a higher standing in the league table.

Now the question remains, what do Indian fans want? Do they want the match to resume or want the match to delay? There are two sides of the coin. Some Indian fans want the match to be continued after seeing our phenomenal bowlers do a great job and confide New Zealand’s batting team to the score of 211. While some out there are visualizing both odds as in what if India loses? As New Zealander’s have quite a good bowling team, fear of Indian team not scoring well like the opposing team still persists. so some fans pray that it rains heavy today and India bags in an easy win for themselves.

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