Kaali Peeli- Padmini Taxis, the symbol of Mumbai will no longer be seen on roads

Ever left home for college wearing black pants and a yellow top and mom laughed and said: “Taxi lag the ho”. I know everyone could relate to this. Why was this so eye-catchy? All because of the Mumbai Fiat ‘black and yellow’ Taxi’s which are lifelines of millions there and reflects the originality of old Bombay. Those Kaali- Peeli Padminis are about to retire.

Yes, starting from the 1960s around 59 years old Padmini or Fiats taxis of Mumbai will no longer be seen on the roads from June 2020. Named after a legendary Indian queen these fiats hold a special place in hearts of true Mumbaikar. They are seen in almost all of the Bollywood movies and played an amazing role.

Remember the taxi scene in ‘once upon a time in Mumbai’ where these taxis saved Kangana? And those black and white movies where love stories started in taxis? The new age series like ‘little things’ where rides of these taxis gave a sense of peace? All these scenes are unforgettable.

As new RTO rules said that life of taxis can’t be more than 20 years these Fiats have to retire. But they won’t leave the hearts of Mumbaikars. It seems like the end of an unforgettable chapter of life. We all have once in life sat in those taxi’s and have some memories related to it.

Be it the movie ‘taxi driver’, ‘jab we met’, ‘Kyuki Mein Juth Nhi Bolta’, ‘Dhamaal’, ‘Taxi no 9 2 11’, ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’, ‘Wednesday’ or any Bollywood movie these Kaali-Peeli taxis played an important role. Sometimes in chasing the villain, protecting love, finding someone or finding peace these taxis hold special importance.

With this news many were shocked, many were upset and many felt nostalgic. Likewise, the dairy giant Amul has paid a tribute to Mumbai’s Premier Padmini taxis in a heart-warming post after the news broke out that the iconic model will be phased out. We will miss you ‘Kaali-Peeli’.

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