Lockdown trends which are ruling the social media platforms

Nowadays it seems like everyone is doing the exact same thing. Seeing the same stories rotating all over Instagram. These semi-viral trends are seen; be it on Instagram, Tik-Tok or even Twitter. Let’s sum them all up so that we can know which trend we have missed this lockdown from around the world and can catch up on it. So, here’s the list of trends seen among celebrities, policemen, doctors, and the common people.


This 3-ingredient coffee from south Korea started a new wave in people. Everyone made sure that they don’t miss out on making this. The look of the coffee is just mesmerizing, the two-layered, milk gradient creamy coffee has taken over tik-tok. It is made by vigorously whisking sugar, water, and coffee until it is smooth and frothy and then poured over iced cold milk like a fluffy cloud to make an ombre look. #dalgonatrend

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Caffeine intake South Korea style – Dalgona Coffee

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We all might have been challenged either by our friends or by a family to post only your photo in traditional wear for 24 hours, right? Well, this the trend not only we have followed but celebrities have also involved themselves in this. Not only a traditional wear challenge but also a way of showing girls love overall social media. Even the Bollywood celebrities made a song for this lockdown named Muskuraega India which gained millions of views. #challengeaccepted


In this lockdown, there are 2 types of people seen, one of those who like to exercise and others who like to see people exercise. And this has made social media packed full of fitness videos by everyone. People are not only posting their exercise videos but are also challenging their friends to do the same. Like #10pushup #1minuteplank #noequipmentqorkout. Bollywood celebrities have also made themselves available to the world through this. Be it Sunil Shetty or Jacqueline or even Sushmita Sen, everyone is posting their fitness videos and making this quarantine healthy.


People are sitting idle at home this lockdown but are not missing on the fun with their friends. Video calling the loved ones has become a trend with all. Also, celebrities are going live to interact with fans and spreading awareness by their bit. #lockdowntrends


We all might have seen many videos of people flipping toilet paper, playing with toilet paper like a football. Well, this has been seen for a while now, where people are challenging others to play with toilet papers.


The very latest crush of India Kartik Aryan is going viral with his handmoji challenge video. This challenge has taken over tik-tok, Instagram and all the social media handles. Be it, Sonam Kapoor, Kriti Sanon everyone is doing this handmoji challenge which seems fun but is a little tough where hand impressions are to be made in a limited time of a tune.


Well we all might have played online bingo in this lockdown, right? Well making bingo specific for certain universities, certain groups have been the trend. People tick up the boxes which they have done and post it in the story with further challenging their friends.


The most showed advertisement nowadays on television is making people aware of safe washing their hands. Well, celebrities and people are not away from this responsibility; they are making their videos showing the right way to wash hands and making their viewers aware. Sachin Tendulkar, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Ekta Kapoor, and many more have participated in this.


When patients are cured from this deadly coronavirus doctors appreciate them by clapping and dancing in the hospital. We all have seen this in the news. Well just not then doctors, policemen and the citizens are dancing on the new tune in the era. The OH nanana song has taken over social media. It’s a foot dance where 2 people stand facing each other and do the foot dance on this song.


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