Meet the Zomato executive who gives cancelled food orders to underprivileged kids

Among the several steps taken by different organisations there is a huge practice by Pathikrit Saha. He is a Zomato delivery executive from the streets of Dum Dum Cantonment of North 24 Parganas district, West Bengal. As part of Zomato’s policy, if any order is cancelled en route the executive can either take it home or give it to the poor. Pathikrit Saha chooses to give the food to the underprivileged kids.

A past experience of the delivery boy has made a huge change in his life. Four years ago, Pathikrit was passing through the railway station of his colony when a child beggar had approached him. He initially tried to ignore him thinking he was some drug addict boy asking for money to lay on cheap drugs. But after several attempts of sending him away the child broke into tears and it forced him to listen to the young boy.

Pathikrit was shocked to hear that such a young boy was in hunger and compelled to give money to his parents. Failing so, he would be killed by his parents. He was not the only kid with this problem it was an entire group facing the challenges at a young age. This was a turning point in the executive’s life.From then, all the cancelled orders that he had received, he gave them to these underprivileged kids. Later he also partnered with a restaurant, which gave him all the left-over food. From delicious biryani, Chinese food, delicious rolls to fried rice around 30 kid beggars got their food almost every day. He was addressed as ‘Roll Kaku’ by the kids quite often.

India has been facing a big issue of wastage of food and hunger. According to FAO estimates in “The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World,2018” report, 195.9 million people are undernourished in India. By this measure 14.8% of the population in India is undernourished.

Pathikrit also realized that the parents of these kids were least interested in providing a better future for them. Most of the kids were involved in petty crimes, begging and drugs.Towards a better future for the kids. From that instance he also started with an informal evening school in the railway station. With just a plastic mat and 3 kids, the school has now grown to 30 kids from his locality. Many kids also went forward to join government schools.The Auto Union noticed the noises in which the kids were studying in. They offered their office balcony to Pathikrit to run his school. Seeing this his peers also joined him in his noble cause. Recently he registered his initiative ‘Help Foundation’ as an NGO.

This is a great initiative towards a better and waste free India.

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