Mrs. Mage: Hyatt’s first no cuisine restaurant recently opened in Ahmedabad

Welcome to the travel diary of “Mrs Mage”!

The menu at this restaurant is an adaptation of Mrs Mage’s travel chronicles across the globe. Mrs Mage brings a variety of her experience and diverse flavours gathered and collated throughout her journey.

For her travelling in itself is infectious, but travelling for food is an unstoppa. Well, she prefers the non-disclosure her identity and decided to give a pen name to the restaurant as “Mrs Mage”.

“Mrs Mage” is an indoor and outdoor seating restaurant with an ambience where you’ll find a wholesome mix of people. The food is comforting and well crafted with making sure that the regional taste buds stay alive. Every dish has its own flavour. The staff was very polite and experienced. They even explained to us the concept behind “Mrs Mage” and suggested us dishes to order.

All the dishes are very new and polished and I’m sure food like this has never crossed your mouth in Ahmedabad, or even India. The restaurant has a coffee and tea bar set up with a board behind having words describing the restaurant. Have you ever tried coffee with cheese? It’s a must-try at “Mrs Mage”. The signature Mage coffee will infuse your mouth with an unusual and unpredictable flavour. The desserts are no less than the one’s you see on your food blogger friend’s Instagram story.

While talking to the head Chef of Hyatt, Ahmedabad Chef Prafull Srivastava, “Let me make sure, this is not a cheese restaurant. We have a variety of cheese from around the world but “Mrs Mage” has no cuisine.” He further added, “We are also introducing a cheese platter for taking away which you can just grab along with the coffee.”

Talking about the pizza, the staff said, “The pizza was prepared keeping in mind the love of Amdavadis for the first-ever pizza in Ahmedabad, the ‘Wah’ pizza and even the ‘Jasu ben pizza’.” “Mrs Mage” pizza is an authentic blend of different cheese and is a must-try. This fine-dining restaurant even has a cheese melting oven next to its retail section which is very interactive and something which you might have never seen.

The menu is split into small, medium and large plates. With it’s a mellow vibe, soft playlist and a diverse menu it is the town favourite.

Price For Two: ₹1,600 for two people (approx)

Address: Plot 216, Hyatt, Town Plan Scheme 1, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Opening Hours: 6 pm-midnight

Contact: 079 49070103, 079 61601234

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