No more missing out on a jet spray while you travel, Bottom line will surely have your back

Exotic beaches, snowy mountains and delicious food often come to one’s mind when a trip is mentioned. Travelling abroad has always been a rosy thought for most Indians. However, one common factor frustrates every Indian traveller, the toilet paper. While we adjust to the language and the weather, our toilet habits are not so easily changed. For two individuals, however, it led to the best idea they ever had. After spending 4 months in France, Prathana Shah and Aadil Attarwala were astounded that there wasn’t a functional product that solved the agony of toilet paper. At first, they simply connected a bottle to a faucet and hung it upside down. It worked for them, but they thought why to stop there, why not make something that everyone could use and easy carry. As around 20 million Indians travel abroad every year, there was a room for a product that would suit the need of each of those travellers. What started as a casual conversation between two school friends eventually led them to collaborate to design and develop Bottom Line.

Bottom Line is a portable jet spray and is a unique solution to all our travel woes. It is light, compact and uses the simple power of gravity to provide the relief of home anywhere in the world. Several bathrooms even in India lack simple water infrastructure, thus, the usability is universal. Based out of Ahmedabad the duo have rethought the jet spray as we know it, this makes it fit in one’s palm when rolled up, and hold up to 1.5 litres of water when in use. The limited capacity of the product helps save the amount of water used during every wash. Bottom line thus helps you save water and paper, it doesn’t get better than that.

It can fit in your purse or bag pack comfortably. Bottom Line only weighs 250g. In order to make Bottom line the perfect travel buddy, there are no metal or pointy parts used in the product, meaning it can be carried in cabin luggage. The lightweight makes it ideal for camps too. The spray could be attached on the surface of a tent and provide you with a toilet amongst nature but with the comfort of home.

The product comes with magic hooks which stick virtually on any surface and hold up to 5 kilos. They help hang the Bottom Line pouch on any height convenient. The best part about them? They are reusable! Just wash them with water and they are good to go again. The next time you decide to go around Europe or on an adventurous trek, Bottom line will surely have your back.

It will shortly be available on Amazon, till then contact on, Bottom Line 

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