Perks of being in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are difficult, super difficult but they’re doable, not everything is dark, black and sad. Stronger, happier, the healthier couple is found at the end of the road than any of the other close-distance couples you know. Surprisingly, being in a long-distance relationship may bring some benefits too. Yes, they exist. Seriously!

You never get tired of each other

You are most likely to meet each other after quite a long time. Because of that you also probably don’t do collective things together. This means you will cherish the moment when you get to do it. Small dates, evening strolls, even shopping, for instance, becomes more exciting than usual.

Your endorphins Are Soaring

Sexual anticipation is common when you are apart from each other. Because of this your endorphin level spikes. Endorphins are the hormones that make you happy. And finally, when you see each other the wait is over and your happiness is skyrocketed to another level. Some say long-distance is misery but it’s the other way. It’s the best intimate experience you’ll ever have may it be PDA or as simple as making love.

You can surprise each other more spectacularly.

Nothing beats a surprise visit when he/she is not expecting it. Even if you cannot visit, always small gifts which you courier to them or order online becomes much more surprising and showcases the affectionate gesture. This also makes one realise the commitment your partner has for you.

It’s easy to balance your friend time and relationship time.

Sometimes you get so involved in your relationship and thinking about your partner’s likes and dislikes that you don’t realise that you have friends to hang out with and chill with. Sometimes choosing between them becomes difficult. In the case of long distance relation, you can always take out time for your friends. And while he/she is in town your friends also won’t mind if you disappear for a few days.

It strengthens your communication skills.

It’s not just about waiting for calls and texts. This is the whole new level of understanding. You both will need to adjust your work schedule and manage your time to take out time for one another. You won’t even face a small talk problem because you have a lot to catch up on about your everyday plans. Sometimes in the long distance, you will put in more effort to communicate things like affection and intimacy in comparison to those who live close to one another. There is no way to show affection and your actions completely via calls and texts unless and until you say it straight out to their face. This becomes the core of your relationship and you won’t hesitate to tell and share your love via words.

Foundation of trust is especially strong

Trust is going to be very important. Being in different cities as well as countries you won’t be able to go after your partner whenever you like. You won’t be with them. You might not even know if they have been out hanging with people until you talk later that night. It’s just plain trust and faith in your partner that they can make their decisions wisely.

And there is nothing wrong if they don’t tell you prior. Maybe it’s a sudden plan? And it’s not like that they need your permission. Over questioning your partner about the whereabouts and stuff looks possessive and is toxic because sometimes there is other important stuff to talk about. It is better if you accept the fact that they have the rights to enjoy without you being there cause all they need is sometimes just a hint of faith.

Each partner has time for themselves

Everyone needs a me-time especially in a relationship to figure out where you stand as an individual as well as together. Long distance helps in that case. you probably need some time to just laze around, read what you want and watch what you want. In a long distance, you have alone time whose importance is also understood by your partner. It gives you a chance to reflect on your relationship and have time to engage in activities, they enjoy doing by themselves. This make the bond rather strong.

Being separate means, you can master being independent and in a relationship.

A lot of them just lose themselves in the relationship. Couples in long distance relationships rarely have that problem. You’ll never lose the sense of your individuality. You have your own friends, jobs, and social life. As a matter of fact, what more interesting is that according to a study from The Japanese Society of Sleep Research, sharing a bed can lead to a more restless night of sleep. Hence, you get a much better sleep when you are by yourself. Now, who doesn’t want a bed to themselves?

The relationship is more than physical

Long distance relationship is anything but physical. You cannot have friends with benefit for obvious reasons, it is more like friends without benefits. It’s about talking and being honest to each other all throughout. It’s actually about knowing the other’s person trait. In long distance, you can talk throughout the night and learn about the likes, the dislikes, their friends and other endless topics and yet are left with the feeling of being touched. But, it’s all worth a wait.

Science says distance does actually makes the heart grow fonder

If you are still having a hard time to believe all this, Journal of Communications has shown that absence might truly make the heart grow fonder and that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship can have more meaningful interactions than couples who see each other daily.

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