#SixWordHorror, can you make a story?

This week twitter challenged the users #SixWordHorror. The name says it all. All you have to do is make a short story with 6 words. After the India-Pakistan match, this is the next thing which is quite exciting amongst all the other tweets. And who doesn’t agree, we all need some or the other fun stuff to pass our mind on a daily basis.

Comics and animation writer Gail Simone challenged people to write a super short scary story. And it flooded through the internet. It was no.1 top trending tweet around the globe on June 18, 2019.

People just can’t get over it. Some out there took it to the literal context whereas some used it to humour others and few used this challenge to spread awareness. Twitter moments caught hold on it as to how fast this tweet escalated and they retweeted it so it’ll be accessible to everyone.

Some of these tweets were super creepy and at the same time funny.

Other people had a different take on what scary story should be.

Even the president of the United States took part in this challenge. And here we thought that it couldn’t get any darker than it already was.

Some twitter accounts took this as an opportunity to spread awareness amongst the people about social work, climate change, deforestation and more other such topics.

Finally, there were the writers paying tribute to the most famous six-word story of all
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn” is an extremely short story that’s often credited to Ernest Hemmingway. According to legend, he wrote it in order to win a bet. – The New Yorker

Now the question is, can you make six-word horror story?

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