Sony just launched a wearable air conditioner via crowdfunding

Are you sweating in this weather and struggling to look fresh? Sony has just made your life easier. The company will help you beat the heat in summer and also help you stay warm in winters. The Reon pocket slips into a custom made tshirt and sit on the back of your neck. It works by thermoelectric cooling where heat is absorbed or emitted when you pass an electrical current across a junction. The temperature can be controlled by bluetooth on your smart phone depending on the user’s preference. Later in an upgrade the company hopes to release an automatic temperature control according to the weather.

Well, you might be thinking how to charge it? Or how long does it last? Unlike your smartphones which you need to charge every now and then, Sony promises a 24 hour full battery out of a single charge and a two hours of charging would be enough for you to not perspire. The Reon is capable of lowering your body temperature by 23F and lowering to 14F.

The price for this air conditioner is approx $117 which is not that expensive relatively. As of now this is only for Japan.

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