Spotify adding a new feature “Social Listening” to let friends control music together

Now you and your friend can listen to the same song at the same time. Spotify, the audio streaming app is taking the social aspect to the next level. Compared to other audio streaming apps Spotify focuses more on the social dimension and lets you follow friends and share music. It lets you follow the playlists of your friends too.

The “Social Listening” feature was first reported by Jane Manchun Wong, a software engineer with a reputation for finding unreleased app features by digging through a load of code. The feature is only available right now to the employees of Spotify and does not have a confirmed release date either does is have any official news.

From Jane’s tweets where she posted screenshots of the new feature, there will be a new button “Connect With Friends”, whereby a QR code will pop up once you click on it. One can scan the code, share their own or use the link to connect. This lets you add songs of your choice to the playlist. Once you are connected the “Now Listening” section goes social. This makes everyone the admin and anyone can control the music who are on the list. Wong reveals that this feature is currently buried in Spotify’s Android app.

It is not a fresh new feature. There are many audio streaming apps which already have this. But Spotify with its huge library and loyal customers will for sure make this feature popular.

Spotify’s new feature will also be available for the web.

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