Starbucks is all set to open in Ahmedabad

Is it the making of metro in this city or the air of the nearby metropolitan cities passing through? Cause Ahmedabad is bringing in some big names in the business which shout out loud, metropolitan city. Some are shocked whereas some are thrilled, happiness is the key emotion though. The ait is finally over because STARBUCKS IS FINALLY OPENING IN AHMEDABAD! No more craving and wondering when you’ll be going to Mumbai or Delhi. Starbucks entered India with the opening of its first store at Horniman Circle in Mumbai in 2012. The premium coffee chain is increasing the number of rollouts as it is getting overall good consumer response which led to its opening in Ahmedabad.  Not with just with a single store, it’s making a bash with THREE stores simultaneously in Ahmedabad.

Starbucks, Ahmedabad One Mall (Alpha One).

Starbucks Prahladnagar, Near Venus Atlantis, Ahmedabad.

Starbucks Coffee, Uniza, Near Mocha Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

The opening dates are still not out yet. But it’ll be opening soon. Starbucks Ahmedabad has already made an official Facebook page. People have been going crazy and a lot have approached twitter to share their affection. Some tweeted hilarious memes while some twitted the making of the store.


Ahmedabad has always been a food hub. It’s known for its dishes and café culture. Starbucks will definitely bring some challenge to other coffee houses out there. India will be among the top five markets in the longer term with the total number of stores opened and revenue gathered.

Not only Starbucks but Palladium mall is opening too. Where do you ask? Exactly opposite the Zydus hospital, Ahmedabad. It won’t be opening anytime soon, definitely not as soon as Starbucks. But the land is bought, it has started going under construction, so next 3-4 years and Palladium mall with not entirely luxurious but affordable luxurious brands will open its doors.

Ahmedabad is turning into a metropolitan city, isn’t it?

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