Surprising benefits of alcohol you might have missed

We all agree to the fact that occasional consumption of alcohol is beneficial to our physical health. However, does it have an impact on our mental health, or does it affect us spiritually? There are a lot of drinks that have been talked about when it comes to the advantages of liquor. Beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, are some of them. But before getting into these, we bring you something new and interesting. This blog would initiate the benefits of alcohol by talking about a tribal drink — ‘Mahua’.

The beverage is made out of the flowers which bloom on the Mahua tree. This tree is found in the Central and North plains of India, in the tropical forests. It has several names, like mahua, mahuwa, mahwa, mohulo, etc. The alcoholic drink made out of this tree is a popular summer drink in some parts of the country, and 2018 came up with some talks by the government to make it a bottled drink to be sold. This alcohol is considered to be the purest, distilled in earthen pots by heating the flowers of mahua and gathering the steam then in its liquid form. It is very vital to the body, mind and spirit.


It is a known fact that wine helps one with heart diseases, immunity and more. Apart from that, several studies have revealed that a glass of red wine helps one in reducing weight. The elegiac acid present in red wine slows down the growth of fat cells inside the body, increasing the metabolism of fatty acids on the other hand, and this right here is the secret behind it. Moderate consumption of red wine can also decrease one’s cold by a major amount of 60%. I am as shocked as you are!

The antioxidants present in the red wine also prove to be beneficial in a sexual way. Men having wine have shown lesser rates of erectile dysfunction than the men who don’t, by 25-30%. Similarly, women consuming vino have a higher level of sexual desire. Wine boosts your memory too, so if someone ever blames you for the deeds you’ve done in the present, just have a glass of wine and think of their mistakes. A glass of wine or two every evening increases your life span as well. If you’re into fitness, then a glass of Cabernet is what we recommend, which would enhance your workout to a great extent.


Beer comprises of vitamins. Well, we’re all up for a bottle of beer, although our preferences are different. Bud lights are what people get their hands on usually. It contains B vitamins and a high level of magnesium, and calcium. Dark beers though have an advantage of being better as the content of iron in them, is high. Moreover, if you’re finding for a beverage to recover post-workout, beer is the thing for you.

A compound found in beer, named xanthohumol helps protect the brain cells from being damaged. Beer also contains silicon which strengthens the bones, increasing their density. Women real a great benefit out of this beverage as it alleviates their menopause symptoms and lowers the heart attack risks. Men, bad luck! Beer also helps to protect the kidneys, by reducing the chances of kidney stones by almost 30%. Diabetes risks are also reduced by the consumption of beer.

Liquor and other spirits

If you’re a hard drinker, then luck is a little bit on your side. Moderate consumption of drinks like gin and tequila helps with weight loss and other diseases. Vodka bridges a connection between the heart and the lungs by developing one’s blood circulation. Cranberry and vodka is the perfect drink for ‘artists’, as it boosts up your creativity. So, whenever you hit a bar, add up some cranberry juice to your shot of vodka. Post workout, alcohol also soothes your muscles. If you’re having a sore throat, whiskey is the best option for you. Mix whiskey with warm water and honey to fix your throat.

There are a lot of kitchen treatments for each and every disease, but I’m sure you’re gonna like this better if you’re into drinking. But, consume alcohol moderately and don’t let it turn into a habit. We’re concerned about you.

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