The 90s fashion trends which are leading the 2019’s fashion

When we talk about fashion, it often keeps on rotating. With new innovations and ideas in the bag, designers bring up the old trends with the touch of youth and spunk. 2019 is the year which has observed the revival of many such 90’s inspired trends, in these past six months which have passed down the lane. Take and look and see for yourself, which one of these are you currently wearing?

Bootleg jeans

It’s a trend not to be forgotten. Earlier known as Boot cut jeans, brands like Prabal Gurung and Alexander McQueen introduced them back. Bloggers and influencers are not slowing down on wearing them. They are seen to be worn in Coachella as well as on the streets.

Chunky sneakers

Earlier known as Brothel Creepers, Chunky sneakers have taken over the world. From Dior to Balenciaga to Nike, all the brands have produced range on chunky sneakers. Just like we wore when we were kids, the chunky sneaker craze has gone from dad wear to ultra-fashion forward chic, especially when paired with a suit or prairie dress.

Baguette bags

When you talk about baguette bags, how can you forget Carrie Bradshaw? Seen on the arms of just about every millennial celebrity at some point, original designers Fendi backed the return of the baguette with reimagined styles.


Another thing to thank Dior after ‘the new look’ is probably the saddlebags. Do you love travelling? Then it’s hardly unlikely that you don’t have one. From neon to transparent varied kind of saddlebag collection was seen this year at Coachella.

Teeny tiny sunglasses

The world knows it as 90’s sunglasses. We saw them, well just about everywhere. Matrix-style and smaller than small, tiny sunglasses have definitely been one of the biggest 90’s trend to follow through.

Oversized sunglasses

It’s a contradiction but both the tiny glasses as well as the big oversized sunglasses make a return. Gucci led the charge, providing us with ample coverage from the sun by way of diamond-encrusted lenses that would make Paris Hilton so proud.

Cowboy and combat boots

Last seen in the ‘90s, cowboy and combat boots made a swift and fast return. Especially popular on the street of Paris during fashion week, it seems the runway is now a rodeo and we’re not complaining. Combat boots were termed as rangers cause of their similarity to M 43 American model.


Now termed as overalls, dungarees are back in business for good. Be it short or long, Dungarees if styled well are hottest pieces of clothing you can wear.

Flannel (90’s inspired grunge)

Grunge has gone from street to high-end fashion and has become a fashion statement. In the past week during the Paris fashion week Fendi, as well as Viktor and Rolf’s fashion collection, was inspired from grunge fashion.

Funky and neon coloured garments

One more 90s fashion trend that is back after a hiatus and one that is not considered retro anymore. Channel’s showcased few garments with pop-neon fabrics as well as Fendi earlier this year released its neon collection for streetwear.

Flared pants

Earlier known as bell bottoms, flared pants are back in business. Don’t confuse flared pants with wide-legged trousers (bootleg pants). The key with the latter is to keep the flare as exaggerated as possible.

Chain belts

The accessory first gained popularity in the ’90s and it has been the talk of the town ever since the models were seen wearing them outside the ramps. Things escalated pretty quick after that and now they are in much more demand than ever.

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