The great Indian thalis you should try at least once

Have you got an appetite? Or are you a food buff who loves to explore the varieties? Or do you travel a lot so you have a need to know about the best places to eat? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this article is surely for you.

We have listed some big ‘Thalis’ in India that are worth giving a shot.

The Dara Singh Thali

Where: Masaledaar by Mini Punjab, Thane

Named after the famous Indian athlete, this Thali is as huge as him! It serves many Non-Veg dishes and that is why it is the best for Non-Veg lovers. But beware! You should be eating like Dara Singh to finish this.

Ravan Thali

Where: Hotel Shivraj garden family restaurant and Dhaba, Mumbai Pune Highway, near Bhegde lawns

As the name says, this is huge! Obviously, they don’t serve heads, but yeah, this Thali experience will surely remain in your heads.

Veg Thali at Kutumb Restaurant

Where: Kutumb restaurant, Metro walk, Rohini, Delhi

The Kutumb restaurant in Delhi serves a thali that is purely veg, plus as the name says, the restaurant has kept the ‘family’ in mind while deciding the menu for this.

The Bahubali Thali


Where: Aaoji Khaoji restaurant, Ambedkar Chowk, Bopodi, Khadki, Pune

Gali gali teri loh jail… jiyo re bahubali! Yes! This restaurant serves a giant Thali which has a huge paratha stuffed with delicious veggies and with it comes various Indian curries and sweets to complete the platter. And they have other Thalis too. So if you think you got a strong appetite as Bahubali, what are you waiting for?

United India Thali

Where: Ardor 2.1, Connaught Place, Delhi

Launched during the Lok Sabha election 2019, this thali comes in an interesting presentation in which the plate is shaped like the map of India. The specialty is that they serve food from all the corners of India as they wanted their customers to get a ‘taste of India’. Interesting right?

Maharaja Bhog Thali

Where: Maharaja Bhog restaurant, Lower Parel, Mumbai

This place will give you an experience of Indian tradition with its 42-inch Thali. It is served in different sections with each section divided by rose petals. The staff is welcoming too. They bring you the traditional pot and a water dispenser made of bronze to wash your hands and then they bring you a Holy Cow idol so that you pay respect to her before starting your meal.

The Biggest South Indian Thali

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How can we miss this unique Bahubali Thali on a hungry lunch time @chennai. . . . #BahubaliThali #foodiezgoodiez . . . Try out this authentic indian style full meal Veg/Non Veg at @ponnusamy_hotel_royapettah providing a wide range of varieties in a single plate 😍 with over 50 items . . . . Inclusive in the plate : Fish varieties, Chicken varieties , egg varities ,cauliflower and paneer in starters. Chicken,Mutton and fish gavies were the highlights to give a yummy combo with white rice and biriyani and few sweets to give a finishing touch to your taste buds😍 . . . Quantity was consistent for a group of 4 to 5 people and Quality and taste were good and a temptation to try out most of the dishes. . . . . Waiting time is more for this particular order and hence it would be preferable to place your order soon as you reach the place. . . . . The price of this big plate is approximateley ₹1600 (better to visit as a group) . . . The next food haunt begins 😍

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Where: Ponnuswamy Hotel, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Many of us love south Indian food. We just can’t ever get enough of the texture of coconut and curry leaves. For satiating our cravings, the Ponnuswamy hotel serves the authentic south Indian food. You would love your food being served on a giant banana leaf. A perfect South Indian experience right?

Biggest Non-Veg Thali

Where: Ranwara, Varsoli, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Yummy food and beautiful scenery, a combination rarely found in city lights. Your getaway for your next weekend could be this. They serve 111 items in one thali! And yes, it is a great option for Non-Veg lovers, as this thali is a purely Non-Vegetarian one. Other than filling your tummy, you get to experience a perfect setting to eat and beautiful scenery to enjoy on the way.

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