The most weird dining rules around the world you should know

What is the first thing you do when you go to a restaurant? Click a photo, check out the menu or perhaps ask the manager for the specialities right? Have you ever looked for the rules to be followed there? Sounds weird, but true every restaurant has certain rules. Common among them are no smoking, no spilling or even no pets allowed. But that’s not all, there are many restaurants around the world which follow strange rules in their restaurants. Here are some:


Being an Indian we are always advised to finish the meal completely. Never to leave a bit for waste right. But in china this is the other way around. It seems very inappropriate to finish your plate completely. It depicts that you are still hungry if you finish off the meal. So, “keep that in mind to leave a little behind”.


In India after your meal is done it is considered to be rude to offer a “thank you” to the other. As it seems like by saying that you are making your friendship a formal relation which is not advisable. So, from next time appraise the meal rather than granting a thank you.
Also a restaurant in Bandra puts up a sign of “no mobile dinning allowed” which is done to make sure people have all their concentration on food while eating.


Ever been scolded by parents in restaurants for using cell phone? Many a times right well we don’t listen and our parents also ignore after a while but they wont if there is a benefit to do that. Yes, in Australia there is a restaurant where special 10% of discount is offered if no one on the table use their cell-phones. 21st century teens out there, please read the rules before you enter.


Here is tip to find a good restaurant in Spain. Well there it is considered that the more the place serves good food the more will be customers which will in turn have more amount of garbage. So, the more garbage outside a restaurant, that’s the place serving good food. Weird but true, kind of garbage attracting more customers then flies.


Thailand is a land of rice and noodles. The meal there is served with spoon, forks and chopsticks from which everything else is used except forks. Yes, you can only use the fork to get your food on the spoon, it does not go in your mouth directly.


If you are of an age which can be said as fully grown then legally you are required to pay for your own food otherwise not. So, the set standards for that “full” tag is stated by the law there.


Florida has a law stating bans on use of computers and mobiles in internet cafes. Yes, one cannot use electronics while eating.

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