Things to know before your first date

Dating, a word which is so much popularised today by some famous apps, is quite underrated. People think that just meeting someone is enough and do not give as much importance to what is called as the first impression. But believe it, the first impression may not be your last impression but it really is important. While some of us find love of our lives without much trying and luck is always by our side; some of us like to start a relationship with a proper meetup, which is called a ‘date’.

Ever wondered why a ‘date’ is named that way? Because, on this day, you formally meet a person for the first time, in a prospect of starting a new relationship, often intimate and romantic. So obviously this day is something you will remember forever. And so, you want to make it as beautiful as you can, with lots of memories that you and your partner will remember for the days to come.

But we all get nervous or too excited when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. That too when you know that you have to impress them and keep them happy. It feels like a huge responsibility. But do not worry. It is not rocket science. After all, the person you are going to meet is also a human being and has emotions. We have some tips for you so that you feel really prepared and make this date a stepping stone for your new relationship.
Do not forget!

While it is obvious that you will be too excited for this day and remember the time, venue everything; it is possible that because of some inevitable reasons, you forget the day or time when you are to meet him/her. You can either set a reminder on your phone for the same or tell someone who is close to you to call you up and remind you about it. But, in case you are late or some work comes up that you cannot ignore, inform your Date about it. It is okay to do so and you can do something special the next time you plan to meet them.

Looking appropriate is the key

While most of us believe that we have to dress very well for our date, we sometimes mess it up by overdressing or wearing something that makes the other person feel hesitated or embarrassed or they simply might not feel comfortable around you. Studies show that much of the first impression is set because of proper dressing. So the tip is to wear something that you always wear when you go out for a party with friends or if it is daytime, you can choose to wear something casual. This way, two things will happen. First, you will be true to them by showing them how you generally look and who you are, second, they can be comfortable around you. Do not forget to smell nice. Choose a fragrance that is light and soothing. Harsh or too strong tones might irritate the other person. While fruity, rosy or fresh tones can set their mood and they might end up spending more than expected time with you!

Don’t be a talking tom

Many of us have a habit of smiling a lot and repeating the last few words of the person speaking to us, just after they finished talking. Don’t do that. It is good to show that you are happy to hear them but repeating the same thing might get them thinking that you are always like this. So what you can do is, first, greet them with a nice smile and when you both start talking; get into the conversation. Don’t just listen or don’t just speak. So that you also get a chance to change the topic if something bores you or is not as interesting. Do not cut their sentence in mid or stop them, just let them finish, and then talk about something that you both might like.

Suggest good food

So a very important part of your first date is the food you eat. It can really make some good memories. If you have decided the venue, then suggest to them what they can try there. Or if they have planned it, ask them what you can try. Don’t impose, just suggest. If the place is very famous and both of you have come here before, start discussing food first. This way, you both will get to know about each other even more. Remember, yummy in tummy means mood is just fine!

Eyes speak…

It is just not a movie thing that looking into each other’s eyes makes you fall in love. It is a proven fact that looking at someone and keeping eye contact can actually establish trust and you both open up to each other. So while you both are sitting together, look in their eyes sometimes and smile. Let them do the same. Even when you are about to leave, look into their eyes and tell them how much you loved this meeting. You will surely get a call at night for the second date!

Compliments work the best

“Your dress is beautiful”; “you smell amazing”; “hey, I love that colour of your shirt”; “I like the way you talk”; “your smile is lovely!” ; “you make me laugh so much!”… Compliment. Say something that they would like. Most of the time people do something like wearing a nice dress, or carry a good purse or just bring you some flowers because they want to impress you. So if you notice something like that, say it. They will love it. Plus they will be happy that you both have similar choices.

Chocolates and ice-creams

With WhatsApp and other apps, it is rare nowadays do not know about the person at all. If your friend has arranged a date for you both, ask your friend what they like most. Like chocolates or a particular drink or some local delicacy. And when you both are talking and they are telling you about their likes, dislikes; surprise them- “I heard you love the cheese macaroni here, how about we order some?” or “hey you know I love chocolates too, let’s get some choco-chip ice cream for both of us!”.

Ex should be really left behind

True that we all want to keep our relationship transparent and be trustworthy. But if you mention your previous partner too many times, it might seem that you are not over them yet and you are just here to distract yourself. Surely you may choose to tell him/her about your previous relationship or talk about why it ended or anything that they might ask you, but remember to finish this topic and do not bring it up again. Make them feel important.

Keep the phone aside today

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives. We just cannot ignore our social media updates and the latest news. But today, you’ve got to meet someone more important than your mobile phone. So keep it aside. Do pick up important calls of course, but do not open Instagram or facebook while they are talking. Think if they do the same to you?

Sharing is caring

When it comes to bills, our society has taught us that men do that. But no. With changing times, our mindsets should also change. When it comes to bills, divide the payment. Make it obvious that you will pay too, no matter how much they make it formal and don’t let you, talk to them and find out a way where you both have an equal share. Like one of you pay the whole and the other one can choose to transfer online or pay for desserts etc. This is a decent habit.

Too much alcohol is always a bad idea

Most of the bars and restaurants in cities serve alcohol or cocktails that might get you a bit tipsy. So make sure you don’t drink too much and loose any of your senses. After al,l you have to keep up the meaningful t discussion up to keep up this relationship. If you notice your partner is getting drunk or is ordering way too many drinks, talk to them, and persuade them to have something else but not too much alcohol. By doing this, you are also portraying yourself as a caring partner.

Do not jump!

Relationships can be of different kinds. But if you are looking forward to a long lasting and healthy relationship, do not hurry about getting physical. While it remains both of yours decision, it is advised that you first get to know each other well before you think of the bedrooms. Intimacy is necessary, and by that, we mean emotional security, reliability and trust. Researches show that partners who started being physical just after they met, lost the meaning of them being together and ended way too soon than expected.

Good things take time

Yes. Have patience. Do not pester your Date about meeting again or going somewhere or doing something that they are not much interested into. When you both get to know each other, you also start to like what they like. It becomes a habit, a way of life and then you don’t have to worry about them refusing for something. So wait while they absorb you. And let the good things come to you!

So people, dating is simple. Even if you do not remember any rule or tip; or mess up with something, remember one thing that we all are humans. We all make mistakes and grow. Be honest to your partner and tell them what you did wrong and accept your faults. Love isn’t a onetime thing. It is forever, it is a process. Day by day your love would increase without you knowing about it. Smile and let the good vibes follow. All the best for your first date fellas!

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