Unpredictable things that happen every second

Do you ever wonder what can be done in just one second? As to how many people like a post on Instagram every second? How many chemical reactions take place in your body? How much the world’s richest man earns every single second?

We have listed down a few interesting things that take place every single second and have a set of things that take place on social media every second, which even you are a part of.

10,450 cans of Coca Cola are consumed every second

Coca Cola advertising empire is working right as rain. Cause be it with your burgers or just a get to gatherings, soda is present in everyone’s refrigerator.

418 KitKat Fingers are eaten worldwide every second

Well given few exceptions, like Kendall Jenner, who doesn’t like chocolates? And if you do, who doesn’t like KitKat? There is one thing we are quickly learning; the human sweet tooth has no boundaries.

Over 100,000 chemical reactions will happen in your body.

Every 10 seconds over 1 million chemical reactions will happen. It is making you kind of exhausted to even think of all the work going on underneath our skin while reading this.

Bill Gates earns $250 every single second

If you need some perspective on wealth then you should realize that Bill Gates, the CEO and founder of Microsoft, earns 250$ every single second. It’s hard to believe but Bill Gates is living in a ‘post currency’ world.

Changes are seen on social media every second

Everyone from 4 yrs. old to 80-year-old, use social media platform every day. May it be YouTube, Facebook, emails or Instagram, some facts will blow your mind away and make you realize you are a big part of it too.

Every second 41,000 status updates are posted to Facebook.

On Facebook 250 gifs are sent via Messenger every second.

Approximately 68,333 videos are viewed on YouTube every second.

Approximately 7,533 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second.

More than Approximately 63,333 searches are made every second on Google.

30,000 snaps are created on Snapchat every second.

16,500 Tinder swipes are done every second.

Around 2,83,340 e-mails are sent every second

Does this make you wonder, how in the world?

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