Various wedding rituals around the world you had no idea about

With so many traditions and believes, the marriage ceremony surely becomes one of the most awaited time in a person’s life. There are so many cultures around the world and these cultures have varied rituals. Let us have a look what different things people do around the world for their D-day.

Lovespoon in wales

Newlyweds in Wales are gifted lovespoons-wooden spoons with beautiful and intricate designs. They bear many cultural designs. The symbols have various meanings. Guests gift these wooden lovespoons for good luck and as a symbol of everlasting love. The ritual of gifting lovespoons is not as popular now as it was before, but gifting someone beautiful wooden spoons is never a bad idea.

Blackening the bride-groom in Scotland

Scottish people have a tradition in which the dump trash on the newlyweds. After the wedding feast , the guests gather around to dump leftover food and other trash on the newlyweds. It is believed that if the new couple can get through this, then they can get through anything as a team.

Tears of love practiced by Tujia people of china

The crying of bride on departure from her home is common. But crying one month before and continue crying till the wedding is not. But the Tujia community in china has a tradition in which the bride has to practice crying everyday for one hour. Then as the wedding comes closer, the rest of the women in the family are also encouraged to cry along with the bride. This is believed to ensure good luck and a happy marriage.

Beating with a dead fish

In Korea, after the ceremonies, the groom’s friends start to beat his feet with dead fish and bamboo sticks to prepare him for his married life. Exactly what are they expecting the married life to be?

Pin that dollar

In Ukraine, an interesting ritual includes pinning money on the dress of the bride. The father of the bride starts it, and followed by the groom and groomsmen and other guests. It is believed that this brings a good fortune to the newlyweds. Girls planning to do something new for their wedding can persuade their families to include this ritual too :p

Le Pot de Chambre- drinking from a toilet bowl

A weird tradition in France requires the bride groom to drink the leftover champagne from a toilet bowl! Though rarely followed now, this tradition says that it gives them energy for the wedding night… well, French traditions can be gross too!

Whales tooth for the new good

In Fiji, it is believed that when a man goes to the father of the girl to ask her hand for marriage, he should present him with a tooth of a whale, which would mean that he is a capable man. Though rarely practiced now, earlier, men used to take many pieces of jewelry carved out of the whale’s teeth.

A good chick liver for a good future

In some parts of China, couples kill a baby chicken and take its liver out, and if it is healthy liver, they can fix their marriage date. But if not, sadly they kill more chicks until a “healthy date” is found. Poor baby chicken!

Hold it in!

In a strange Indonesian wedding ritual, bride and groom aren’t allowed to use the toilet for three days before their marriage! They are continuously watched upon and aren’t allowed to eat more food or drink enough water. They say that this brings a good honeymoon and fertility to the couple. So if you ever plan to do an Indonesian marriage, think twice… or maybe thrice!

Marry the tree

In India, a belief says that if the girl is born mars-bearing or ‘manglik’, she is supposed to marry a peepal tree called as sacred fig in English. Not doing this would bring an early death to her future husband. Though with modernity, people are now skipping this ritual, still, many families follow it and girls find it amusing to marry a tree! They can say to their future husbands that he is her second husband! (lol).

Breaking the dishes

In germany, people gather outside the bride and groom’s houses and break dishes. This age old custom is called ‘Polterabend’. They believe that shards bring luck. Well, it is a nice excuse if you have some mischief in mind but you cant spoil the wedding, you can call it an age old tradition and break dishes in front of your frind’s house!

Eating a salty bread

In Armenia, on St. Sarkis day, unmarried women eat a salty bread or wafer called as Aghablit. They would go to the priest in the church and get the bread, which they have to then eat before going to bed. The tradition says that by doing so, the girl will have a dream of her future husband. Interesting right?

We think what if she doesn’t dream? Well, no matter she dreams or not, we believe that true love finds its way!

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