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Try these 10 photo editing apps

As a gift of growing digital age, we all have access to technologies, most of us have DSLRs and smartphones enabling us to click pictures on the go. This has made people’s interest in photography more than ever. Other than clicking good pictures it is really important to edit them properly to achieve better results. The market is flooded with such photo editing apps and you can never decide which one is the best for you.

Out of all these applications we have selected our 10 most favourites that you should definitely explore if you’re looking for a photo editing application:


Snapseed is a complete photo editor developed by Google, it maintains a balance between basic and advanced level editing. It is perfectly made for phone application and works well with touch screens. All the edits of the application are non-destructive thus preserving your original photograph. You can download it for free on your Android and Apple devices.


VSCO enables you to create, discover and connect. You can not only click and edit your images but also share it with other people. You can also explore other work and exclusive editorial content. Join the creative community and find people around the world. VSCO also offers a membership that includes over 100 classics mobile VSCO pre-sets, exclusive new Film X™ pre-sets and tools, plus new additions added monthly.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is another trustworthy from Adobe. It is one of the best applications for quick and easy editing pictures and making collages. It supports both jpg and png formats. It has the power of Photoshop CC which gives you the flexibility and control to access your images anywhere using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is the photo editing app from the Prisma Labs Inc. It creates amazing photo effects by transforming the photos into paintings. You’ll find more than 300 art styles in Prisma’s art filter library. It also releases a new filter daily. You can also join the Prisma community and scroll through the gallery full of photos created by the community.


The Foodie app can be your companion if you are a foodie and love clicking pictures of food before eating it all. It has over 30+ professional quality filters to choose from and is easily compatible with your social networking sites.

Adobe Lightroom

The second app from the Adobe in the list, Lightroom is a powerful yet intuitive photo editor. Lightroom empowers you to create beautiful photos while helping you become a better photographer. Interactive tutorials, pro-level camera, cutting edge camera modes, Adobe sensei and adobe creative sharing are some of its features to look upon.


SKRWT is the best application for correcting perspective and lens tool. It was named the App Store’s best app in 2014. It corrects horizontal and vertical lines as well lens distortions for shots taken with adapters, DLSRs, with a GoPro or a drone camera. You can buy it from the Google play store at ₹120 and

Touch Retouch

This app by appsmartapp, allow you to remove unwanted people, unwanted object and clean up your favourite shot. You just have to select the Brush or Lasso tool to mark snap heal, remove the unwanted picture, remove object photo, clone object, remove objects, unwanted photos that you want to erase from the picture, then hit the ‘Go’ button now your processing complete within a second.

Nebi- Film Photo

Nebi is like a photo lab but in your smartphone. It is based on real film filters and will help you create amazing traditional film photography. It has 20 retro camera effects with beautiful 35mm noise & scratches. If you are a vintage photography fan this is the app for you.


Vimage lets you add moving effects and elements to your photos turning them into live art. It is the cinematography editing app, cinemagraph is the latest trend on social media. Vimage let you create eye-catching moving photos and is pretty simple to use, just click on the + button, select a picture from your gallery and select one of the 70+ moving effects Vimage offers.

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