What is raiding Area 51 hype all about? And the best memes on it

Over the past weeks, the internet has been going crazy over a Facebook group that recently went viral after creating an event to raid ‘Area 51’ to see them, aliens. Over 1,000,000 people signed as interested or going for this event. But is this a real place? Yes, it is!

In the early 1950s US planes were conducting low-flying recon missions
over the USSR. But there were constant worries of them being spotted and
shot down. So, in 1954, President Eisenhower authorised the development
of a top-secret, high-altitude recon aircraft.

The program required a remote location, not easily accessible to civilians or
spies. Area 51 fits the bill perfectly. It was in the Nevada desert near a salt flat called Groom Lake. In the summer of 1955, sightings of “Unidentified Flying Objects” were
reported around Area 51. But it was actually just the testing of U-2 aircraft which couldn’t be disclosed by the Air Force. Area 51 served as a testing ground for other US aircraft as well. It has been an ongoing joke for weeks now despite the Air Force sending
out a legitimate warning statement.

However, the world is in-phase and even some celebrities are in on the joke
making plans to join the epic raid.

The best trending Area 51 memes

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